The Basics Of Foil Printing

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Right now, the printing industry is savoring every bit and parts of foil printing. Well, it is a perfect combination of sophistication and depth. But the best part about foil printing is that it will not take your focus from the prime description. Well, if you can add just a pinch of foil touch in your card, it will do wonders for you. It will enhance the look of your card, and also help to grab the attractions of the viewers. Thus, if you are opting for foil stamped business cards, we would like you to know the basics about it.

Different varieties of foils

Earlier, the gold foil was one and the only option available in the market but, with the coming of technologies, several other alternatives have emerged in the market. These days, apart from choosing the gold foil stamped business cards, you can opt for pigment foils, matte or glossy colors, which has nothing to do with a metallic sheen. Also, pearl and holographic foils are in use these days. Pearl foil is nothing put a transparent and pearl-like finish. Most of the times, they are used to add a shine to a card instead of colors. On the other hand, holographic foils are used to generate a rainbow-like effect that is silver in color- much like those CDs and DVDs.

How are foil accents printed?

If you want to dig out the history a bit, you will find out that gold foiling was done by hands, initially. But now, several technologies came across the market, and the printing services are using those technologies to cope up with the time consumption. Well, it will take a massive amount of time, if they still do that foiling with their hands. Also, it will be quite expensive astronomically!

These days, printers are included with a special foiling die, which delivers the accent with the help of the machine. If you look closely, you will find out the die is quite like a rubber stamp. The only difference is that the die is made up of metal. For instance- You have ordered for the 1000 business cards. After that, the stamp will get heated and will press the foil into the substrate, which you have chosen. The heat then will melt into the foil, or it will simply get pressurized into your preferable material.

How foil is included in your design?

Well, you can effortlessly include the foil printing to your design, but it is a bit tough to incorporate your foil into the graphic design. To make it simpler, you have to instruct your printer precisely about where exactly you want to account your foil accents, the size and the kind of graphic design you want. You have to be pretty meticulous about where exactly you want your foil to appear in your final product.

If you are doing it for the first time, we would suggest you opt for the vector format. It will help you to confirm the shape of the foil as well as its appearance.

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So, here is the list of the basic aspects if you want foil designs in your cards. It doesn’t matter if you are planning foil stamping in your 1000 business cards or 100 business cards, Foil stamped business cards always looks attractive.


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