TGEP Adds 7 Touchscreen Display & PIR sensor to Add-on Modules for Clippercreek CS customers

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TGEP add-on modules with 7'' Touchscreen Display and PIR sensor are upgrades for existing customers who own Clippercreek CS series Level 2 charging stations.

TGEP which recently launched the add-on modules for Clippercreek CS series added another feature to the module. The add-on now has an attractive 7’’ touchscreen display screen & passive infrared sensor(PIR) active sensor. The 7’’ Touchscreen Monitor for Raspberry Pi display with ten figure capacitive touch, and this can be mounted to different ways on the unit. The touch screen display has a user interface along with the add-on module which will give the capability of automated kiosk, networking & cloud computing for Clippercreek CS series charging stations.

Tony George, head of TGEP said that the 7’’ touchscreen and PIR combination would bring to the add-on module more features which ultimately will benefit charging stations owners immensely. The user interface for the display screen was developed to enhance the visibility of the product while keeping the cost factor down. The PIR sensor in the unit will be used to sense movements in the vicinity of the charging station. The add-on module with the 7’’ TFT display screen and the PIR is priced at $599. This product will serve as an upgrade for existing customers who own Clippercreek CS Series Level 2 charging stations willing to retrofit with modifications on the system, as well as for new customers who seek networked charging stations with cloud computing and high-quality EVSE. The add-on comes with a powerful credit card sized Raspberry Pi processor and a custom circuit board. The module fits the existing CS series of Clippercreek level 2 chargers.

The add-on module with unit provides usage data for customers through the website. The installation of the unit takes less than an hour. Networking can be done through Wi-Fi or Cate 5e/6. The add-on module inside the unit does not do any modifications to the existing structure of the charging station; instead, it uses the existing PCB to see the different stages of the charging station.
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