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As a textile store for demanding nature of the service industry, in particular the management process will have some difficulties. But as long as we can master certain service skills, you can also get a good return.

As a textile store managers should first set aside a sincere man. Originally this world of equality, as an extraordinary general managers and promoters. Let the promoters feel that you are their friend, they go the same way those who struggle side by side. Task manager not command, the command subordinates what to do and can not do, but how to mobilize the enthusiasm of the promoters, so promoters voluntarily work happily. It is constantly emphasized, was enriched, but do not be easy. Promoters necessary freedom to space is very important.

Textile shops generally more advanced customer needs and desires are premium services, personalized service. Able to get such a service, the average customer will become loyal customers. Premium services, personalized service is humane, is sufficient customer care. With the old saying goes, it is what they want to their customers, the anxious customers, it is random, smart, open, beyond standardized. Only the implementation of people management, service personnel beautiful heart shape and noble sentiments, establish selfless dedication, spirit of love of others, combined with norms, standards of skills in order to reach the realm of perfect service. Any regulation has not punish evil and promote good features. People management attention to the goodwill of the United States and humanity, harmony and beauty, giving full trust, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of people. Is a management culture into charisma, binding, drums power to regulate the force.

There are many textile store operators are blindly emphasized QOS in words, but it did not really be integrated into the actual service process. I hope the majority of operators to continue to strengthen in the future related to knowledge, learning, and be flexible operation.
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