Telx Telecom Is Offering Professional IP Phone Service And Managed Services All Across The US

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Miami, Florida (June 14, 2019) – The telephone business in America has become exceedingly competitive, with a wide range of organizations offering services that appear to be all the same. For the majority of customers, it becomes extremely difficult which Telephone Service Company to choose. This is particularly hard in huge markets like south Florida, where telephone and telecom services, VOIP service, etc. are offered by various different Phone Service Companies. While deciding on a phone service company, customers need to know the services they require for their home or business as there are a number of Phone Service Providers that try to throw together a package which comprises of things that the individual may not need and leaves out things that may be vital to them. One of the leading phone service companies in Florida, Telx Telecom offers all the important services in their packages that homes and businesses need to provide customers greater functionality and profitability without excess add-ons that add expense without adding value.

Telx Telecom is a privately held profitable VOIP Telephone Service company offering top of the line IP phone service and managed services assistance to small and medium sized businesses. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, the company offers telephone and telecom services, voice over IP service, and VOIP cloud service to over 1,000 companies across the USA. The range of products offered by Telx Telecom includes hosted PBX, business VOIP, SIP trunking, and FAX solutions. This phone service company has a small team of 25 employees who are on a big mission. Their experienced and committed professionals devote the time, energy, and care needed to provide quality work and superior customer service. They even offer personalized services to their clients and also have a 24-hour customer support, when needed. Since they have a small team, the company works together to make sure that their objectives are met. The dedicated team of Telx Telecom works hard to ensure long-standing relationships with valued clients and maintain an outstanding reputation in Florida and across the nation.

Telx Telecom offers carefully crafted plans for homes and businesses to provide customers all the important services they need. People can also compare these plans with their simple comparison tool available on their website which outlines the advantages of each. All detailed information about this Phone Service Miami company including their products, plans, equipment, partner, etc. is listed on their official website, the link for which is

About Telx Telecom
Telx Telecom is a Miami, Florida based phone service company offering telephone and telecom services, and VOIP and VOIP cloud services to small and medium sizes businesses as well as homes all across the USA.

Telx Telecom
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Miami, Florida based VOIP phone service provider Telx Telecom provides high quality telephone and telecom services, voice over IP service, and VOIP Cloud Service


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