Telx Computers Offers Varied IT Services to Small Businesses in Miami

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Miami, Florida, (May 21, 2019): Telx Computers is a one-stop provider of IT services to small businesses in Miami, and is known for its dedicated assistance to settle a wide range of IT problems that arise commonly. There is minimal downtime or expenses to be expected. It has a wide range of Small Business IT Support Services on offer.

The assistance from this company includes Data Recovery, Data Storage, POS, Spam Protection, Virus Protection, Firewall Security, Installation, Computer Maintenance and more. Customers can get help with Wireless Network, with solutions ranging from wireless security to range boosting. The technicians decide which connectivity solutions can fit the best, and design them for businesses.

Other than IT support, the company also offers On-Site Training. It has a team of experts who can train company staffs to work with MS Office, ranging from simple functions to bigger formulas. Telx Computers offers many information technology services that involve proper PC system maintenance to prevent crashes, secure and safe recovery of corrupted or lost data, offering state of the art solutions for data storage, providing businesses with functional servers and many more.

The Small Business IT Services offered by this agency are backed by licensed and insured technicians who are certified and have years of training and knowledge behind them in offering the best IT assistance. Small business owners have many important things to focus on, and IT support should be the least of their worries. The technicians know that, and offer the best kind of assistance to let clients focus on businesses.

Telx Computers has obtained a 5-star rating from the renowned PC Magazine for its IT support and other services. It has been extending a full package of services related to Information Technology, which include key services associated to computers and IT that can be useful in improving efficiency, controlling costs and more. It is the first choice of many small business owners in Miami, who need a high quality but affordable solution for their IT support requirements.

About Telx Computers
Telx Computers offers various IT services to private as well as public organizations in Miami, and offers on-site as well as remote IT support. It was established in 2002 and improves the productivity of businesses with high level of assistance.

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Telx Computers
17401 NW 2nd Ave, STE 4
Miami, Florida
Phone no: +1 800-698-3594
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Telx Computers is a Miami-based IT Support company that provides businesses with a wide variety of IT services and makes operations seamless.


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