Telx Computers Offers IT Services in Miami with Service Guarantee

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Miami, Florida, (May 21, 2019): Telx Computers is a one-stop source when it comes to receiving high-tech IT Support assistance. Support is offered with service guarantee, and customers can be assured of the assistance that they can get here. The company offers Network Support and IT Services at affordable rates and with minimum response time.

This is a PRO-active company, and monitors the servers and network of customers to notify them about every error, at times even before the issues arise. The agency uses an advanced ticket system to track every network support problem that may crop up, to make sure there is a full paper trail for every party.

Everyone who works in Telx Computers has to sign a no-frills confidentiality agreement, which ensures that their sensitive data can get the most optimum level of security. As an employment condition, they have to sign a company policy to make sure of expertise and professionalism that customers expect from them.

Customers can expect various types of support from this agency, including On Site Technician Support, Unlimited E-Mail Support, Phone Support, Remote Support, Proactive Computer IT Support and After Hours Emergency Support. Telx Computers also assists with Service Ticket Submission, Daily Server Back Up Check, MS Office Training & Troubleshooting, Monthly Server Maintenance, Server & Workstation Windows Update, Network & Servers Monitoring and Regular AntiVirus Updates.

For big projects, Telx Computers offers the extra IT Support Services that full time onsite technician need. These include sending additional technicians to the site, and responding to many remote support requests. This can help reduce downtime problems and hasten the completion of major projects while everyday IT operations are maintained.
The company has on-site full-time technicians who can respond to numerous remote support inquiries, fulfill everyday tasks, accelerate the pace of completion of major projects, reduces downtime for businesses and more. The agency covers the recruitment of technicians, custom packages, training and requirement for cutting edge infrastructure and knowledge of IT software. There are plenty of benefits when businesses hire this IT Support Miami agency.

About Telx Computers

Telx Computers is known for the best IT Support Fort Lauderdale, and offers affordable and fast responses. The company, which is located in Miami, was set up back in 2002 and has become a recognized IT service provider today.

For further information or enquiries, visit

Media Contact:
Telx Computers
17401 NW 2nd Ave, STE 4
Miami, Florida
Phone no: +1 800-698-3594
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Telx Computers, located in Miami, offers high quality IT services to various businesses and individual customers with guarantee of services.


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