Telephone Service Company Telx Telecom In Florida Offers Superior Telecom VOIP Services

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Miami Gardens, FL, (January 09, 2019): Telx Telecom is a top name in the field of communication systems and is known to provide all small and mid-sized businesses with customized web-based solutions. It has more than 10 years of unmatched expertise and the best knowledge in the domain, and serves a wide base of clients with 100% satisfaction on their part. This is among the top VOIP providers in FL, and is known to offer high quality Telecom VOIP Services at affordable rates.

This reputed Phone Company Miami has the best Online VOIP Service on offer for small businesses, with a cost-effective and convenient VOIP business phone that can make communication seamless and cut down telephone bill costs. Its platform offers a hosted service that can assist with any type of maintenance, if needed. Small business owners can use the SIP-enabled telephone offered by this company and use it as their Business telephone with VOIP.

Its VOIP Service stands apart from those offered by all other Phone Companies in Miami, and boasts of many useful features such as unlimited voice to email, more than 90 days of call recording, unlimited auto call attendants and more. These fantastic features are part of the overall service that is offered with the numerous packages from Telx Telecom.

The agency offers various packages that can be customized to satisfy the individual needs of each client, and can match the requirements of SMBs (small and medium sized businesses). The VOIP communication system is cloud-based, and has been assisting thousands of businesses in the United States alone.

Telx Telecom is committed to providing customers with the best services. It offers assistance to customers with just about any issue with telecommunication. The company stands out with its state-of-the-art cloud-based solutions. The features of the agency’s VOIP business phone services are designed to improve productivity. The company is unique with its commitment and focus on serving the needs of clients.

About Telx Telecom
Telx Telecom is among the best Telephone Companies in Miami that offers VOIP business phones in varied ranges in Florida. It has various plans on offer, which are unmatched as far the benefits and pricing go. The company has Avi Vaknin as its CEO.

For more details and further enquiries, please visit

Media Contact:
Telx Telecom
17401 NW 2nd Ave #4, Miami Gardens, FL 33169, USA
Phone no: 1866-969-8359 / 8669698359
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Telx Telecom, a Telephone Service Company based in Florida, provides small and medium sized businesses with high quality VOIP business phone services.


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