Technology Professionals Gravitate towards Project Management Diplomas to Boost Prospects, said AIMS

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IT professionals have ruled the roost for over a decade, but are now looking at enhancing their skills with qualifications such as a diploma in project management. Project management is a newly emerging field which opens up thousands of new jobs each year, according to the Academy for International Modern Studies (AIMS).

According to a spokesperson from AIMS, “Project management is an essential skill required for middle and senior level professionals in information technology. IT relies heavily on outsourcing, and project management skills are thus sought after by middle to large sized corporations. Getting a certificate, diploma or graduate course in project management is how IT professionals can enhance their career.”

Online diploma in project management is suitable for both working professionals as well as students. The courses are online, can be taken anywhere, and come with a host of added features and bonuses such as industry certifications, learning materials, expert assistance, and a combination of theory and practical modules.

Apart from skills and a knowledge base, students of project management diploma can expect to receive training and certification in PMP, Agile and MS Project. Among other things, they can also expect learning methods such as waterfall and agile and other popular approaches to initiating, planning, executing and closing projects. Apart from the diploma in project management, AIMS also offers degree and MBA courses in project management that are globally recognized and offer a blend of management concepts in leadership, marketing and human resources.

Founded in 2005, AIMS is a well known educational institute based in London, offering high quality online education in a wide range of subjects. Students of the institute have found placement in well known corporations. All courses are interactive, globally benchmarked, and offer highly sought after qualifications around the world to professionals from diverse backgrounds.

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