Tech Triumphs: Making Long Drives Simpler for Couriers

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A career doing courier jobs can be quite challenging, and if you find yourself feeling tired or lethargic during long drives it can become a serious safety risk. Thankfully, new technologies are being introduced every day and, with the help of these devices, transport workers can endure longer drives without putting themselves or others at risk. Here are some technology triumphs which play a part in maintaining the safety of courier jobs.


Being a courier driver can be lonely work, and if you feel you need somebody to talk to, podcasts are the perfect way to keep yourself alert without distracting yourself from the road ahead. Not only will you feel like you’re part of a conversation, but you might also learn a thing or two depending on the podcast topic.

If you don’t feel like listening to something intellectual, humour-oriented podcasts work wonders for your mood and will also leave you feeling focussed after listening. You’ll be at your destination in no time – or at least it will feel that way.

The Safe Cap

If you find yourself feeling sleepy during work hours, it’s most definitely advisable to stop and have a rest. We all know that not all courier jobs lend themselves to this, however, and if you’re an owner driver you may feel even less inclined to give yourself a break.

The Safe Cap, created by Ford Trucks, is a wonderful, life-saving technology disguised as an ordinary hat. It works by detecting your head movements as you drive and vibrating to alert you if it feels you may be drifting off. You can also use the Vigo – a device that works similarly but is shaped like a Bluetooth headset rather than a hat. The Vigo also monitors blinking patterns and can detect a loss of focus.

On-the-Go Loads

Long drives can be made not only simpler, but much more efficient and effective with the help of online freight exchange platforms. These platforms enable drivers doing courier jobs to contact other transport workers when they have empty loads, allowing them to pick up nearby return loads and thus gain more business. You can also able to post your availability and capacity on the website and see and bid for a vast number of courier jobs in real time.

Remember: App Safety

Remember that when you’re using apps and other devices on the road you should always ensure they’re hands-free. Even using hands-free mobile phones reduces a driver’s reaction time by 27%, so it’s in your best interest to prepare your freight exchange apps or entertainment for the journey before you set off. Only make amendments when you’re safely parked with the engine switched off.

Courier jobs are being made safer and easier day by day, and thanks to these and many other great technological advances, drivers can enjoy a pleasant work environment and gain more business opportunities.
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