TC Tungsten-Carbide Specializes in Cost Effective Solutions for Multiple Industries

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Shenzhen, China (Aug 14, 2018) - Tungsten is a rare metal that occurs naturally and its one of the hardest materials on the planet, surpassing even titanium. An alloy of tungsten and carbon to create tungsten carbide is used in a variety of industries and TC Tungsten-Carbide is a leader in creating custom bushings, sleeves, nozzles, rods and seals.

The tungsten carbide bushings available from TC Tungsten-Carbide are utilized worldwide in applications that include drills, flanges and valves, along with water, oil and slurry pumps. Bushings, bushing sleeves, seals, rods and strips are available.

TC Tungsten-Carbide can accommodate wire drawing dies for metal wires and optical fibers. When copper, aluminum, steel or spiral wire is drawn through the die hole, it reduces in size and changes shape for use in multiple industries. The die nibs are highly wear resistant for durability.

The company offers polished tungsten carbide seal rings for compressor shafts and mechanical pumps that carry a one-year warranty. They’re wear resistant, have anti-corrosion properties and can be obtained in unground or polished for use in oil refineries, petrochemical plants and the mechanical industry.

The tungsten carbide rolls available at TC Tungsten-Carbide are widely used in mechanical descaling and rolling mills. Both smooth, notched, V, R and U-grooved types are available and feature low porosity and high impact toughness. Also offered are highly cost effective tungsten carbide nozzles for sandblasting, shot blasting, and surface treatments in the paint, electronic and chemical industries. They’re offered in four-slot threaded varieties and a myriad of complex shapes.

Tungsten carbide bushing sleeves for valve gas pipes are created are crafted from 100 percent virgin tungsten carbide for use within the petrochemical, black water and waste water industries. Straight cylindrical slurry pump bushings are available and all types have exceptional galling resistance for use in oil, gas, slurry, acid and liquid mediums.

Tungsten carbide rods have multiple applications and are offered with straight or spiral coolant holes and in single or multiple-hole styles. Tungsten carbide rods are available for micro PCB drill cutting tools, and the TC strips are available for the woodworking industry, sand making machine crushers, agricultural equipment, and non-standard electrode customization.

The wide range of offerings at TC Tungsten-Carbide provides multiple industries with almost endless possibilities. The company’s tungsten carbide products are cost effective options that are precision crafted for long life in any usage.

About TC Tungsten-Carbide
Our company is a cemented carbide manufacturer in China and is dedicated to providing customers with integrated wear and cutting solutions. Our factory strictly controls the production process and product quality to provide customers with products that are cost effective and satisfying. We strive to develop new Wolfram carbide products to meet the changing market demands. The company has ICP-OES, infrared carbon and sulfur, metallographic microscope, coercive force, laser and image measuring equipment and has the ability for chemical composition, organization, physical and mechanical properties and dimensional inspection of cemented carbide.

Media Contact
TC Tungsten-Carbide
Phone: 86-0755-33073598

About author: Sumanta Dutta

Our company is a cemented carbide manufacturer in China and is dedicated to providing customers with integrated wear and cutting solutions

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