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Workers for haulage companies face a lot of pressures when they’re out on the road. With margins tight and competition strong, avoiding traffic, taking the best routes and finding the right place to stop and rest can mean the difference between success and failure.

With this in mind, it pays to stay on top of any new technology and products that can help give you the edge and improve your work. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of some of the very best apps on the market for working truckers.


With GPS systems so common place, and most phones even coming with in-built map and route-finding tech, you might ask why you’d need a special one just for truckers. Surely most route-finders are pretty much as good as each other?

While understandable, this attitude would be wrong. Think about it: how many times have you followed directions perfectly only to find yourself having to back out of a narrow street or turn around to avoid a low bridge? Incidents like these pose a nightmare for haulage companies and their drivers, costing time and money.

NavTruck solves this problem by picking routes specifically for HGVs. Even better, you can feed in data on the width, weight, size and load of your vehicle to ensure you find the optimal route. It’ll also keep you aware of any relevant regulations and restrictions.


A great companion to NavTruck, Waze gives you up to date information on any incidents or restrictions affecting drivers in your area. Hauliers can use the app to update each other, feeding in information on closures, roadworks, congestion and more, and the real-time updating is a godsend for haulage companies dealing with unpredictable conditions.


Regulations and restrictions on how long you can drive uninterrupted make planning rest stops crucial for haulage companies. On top of the struggle of finding a service station at all, hauliers need to make sure they can find spaces big enough for HGVs – and ideally some service facilities too.

Enter MotorWayBuddy, which allows drivers to locate and review truckstops all over the United Kingdom. Prices are listed, and free spaces are updated in real time, allowing drivers to schedule in rests without needing to worry if they’ll get a spot.

Trucker Timer

Of course, experienced drivers know when it’s safe to continue and when they should take a break. But rules can differ across countries, and haulage companies need to know they aren’t leaving themselves legally liable.

Trucker Timer solves this problem by using tachograph technology and a driver’s log to track time spent at the wheel. It sends alerts for potential fatigue and restrictions on continuous driving, night driving, daily rest periods, and more. With support for UK, AETR and EU regulations, it’s the perfect addition for hauliers on the move.

Stay Safe

Your phone can do a lot when you’re on the road, then. But you should make sure it’s not interrupting your driving. Pre-programme any navigation you need and mount your device in a proper handsfree holder, taking care not to obscure your view of the road. If you need to reroute, pull over, engage the handbrake and stop your engine.

We face a lot of issues in our industry, so we hope that these products help you address or avoid the worst of these, so you can be a safe and confident driver.
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