Take Your Art Students to the Eiffel Tower on a School Trip to Paris

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From the very moment that the Eiffel Tower was built no one could deny its attraction. Not only did it symbolise modernity and stand as a piece of art that was considered ‘before its time’, it soon became a monument that represented the capital city and was recognised the world over. Teachers taking students on a school trip to Paris are more than likely to include a visit to the Eiffel Tower. However, for art students in particular, a visit here can open up a whole world of discussion and learning. Artists, from painters and singers to poets and photographers, have been inspired throughout the decades by this monumental tower.

The Eiffel Tower and the Painters

A constant feature in many works of art, the tower has fascinated painters of all eras. Starting with Georges Seurat, who depicted it on paper before it was even completed, the other artists whom your students might recognise include Rousseau, Dufy, Bonnard and Signac. Most notably, Robert Delauney painted the monument with cubist aspects in a series of paintings on canvas. His ‘La Ville de Paris’ is on display at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.

…And Filmography

Known as the seventh art, filmography did not overlook the lure of the Parisian monument. Images of it were captured as early as 1897 were the first, but ever since this icon has featured in films the world over. Not only is it a classic backdrop for a plot, but it also offers directors a symbol of romance that can be incorporated into many different themes. As an instantly recognisable site in Paris, it also makes it a favourite with cinematographers.

…And Music

The venue for a number of private concerts, the Eiffel Tower has also been a source of inspiration to performers. Edith Piaf was the first to sing on the 1st floor stage, but since then many others have graced its presence. Its iconic status made it the perfect place to stage private concerts too, such as the ones by Charles Aznavour and Georges Brassens in 1966 that helped campaign against hunger. Students on a school trip to Paris might be interested to discover that Alanis Morissette, Robbie Williams and Justin Bieber have also performed here.

…The Poets, Writers and Philosophers

Among the literary artists inspired by the incredible Parisian structure are Guillaume Apollinaire, Jean Giraudoux, François Coppée, Guy de Maupassant and Roland Barthes, who produced some wonderful texts in 1964 (“The Eiffel Tower”).

For teachers of art students on a school trip to Paris, The Eiffel Tower holds a huge amount of learning potential. Combined with trips to art museums, your pupils will begin to put their learning into context and are bound to be enthused to learn more.

Planning a school trip can be daunting so contact an educational travel tour operator and get some expert advice on how to create a memorable one. Teams of advisors are on hand to help tailor-make your itinerary and pitch your visits to accommodate your students and their learning aims.

Paris is an incredible city, but its iconic Eiffel Tower holds more than first meets the eye. Hopefully you have been inspired to incorporate it and its history on your next school trip to Paris.
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