Sweets for My Sweet: The Perfect Chocolaty Valentine’s Delights

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Valentine’s is a wonderful time in wholesale chocolate. It’s a time when creative chocolatiers can really get their juices flowing and produce gorgeous and imaginative delights designed to tickle the fancy of your love-struck customers.

Though I have a soft spot for the traditional Valentine’s Day treats, such as beautiful, blushing roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, there are a few brands introducing a touch of novelty into this special holiday. A great way to make your store stand out from the crowd this February, and attract more business, is to invest in the sweet products of these thoughtful brands.

It’s Never Too Early!

Though you may think it’s too soon to be thinking of the holiday of romance, with Christmas just around the corner it will soon be too late! Make sure you are well prepared to play cupid by casting an eye over the tasty offerings I have listed below. In order to get the best stock for your retail space, and charm your dreamy customers, start thinking about Valentine’s day now.

Introduce a little sizzle to your store with these wholesale chocolate delicacies, sure to woo anyone who enters.

Pearls of Wisdom

Here are my pearls of wisdom, as a wholesale chocolate expert – don’t miss out on our sophisticated ‘pearl’ necklaces! Perhaps the real deal is a little out of your clienteles’ price range, but who cares? Our stunningly pretty silver dark chocolate ‘pearl’ necklaces are even better than precious stones. They offer your doting lovers a sumptuously grown-up taste with a deep, dark chocolate flavour softened by a lovely sweetness. The presentation of the necklace boxes is fabulous and would look perfect in any Valentine’s display.

Luscious Lips

The chocolate kiss is a lovely Valentine’s Day classic, but today we are talking about innovation and excitement. One of our most recent additions, The Lips Bar, is a gorgeously moulded, flirty pair of chocolate lips. A kiss in nature as well as name, The Lips Bar is ideal for the Valentine’s season. This creamy bar will satisfy all your customers’ sugary cravings and they can grab a huge handful to show just how much they adore their significant other.

Great for parties and presents, The Lips Bar will also be a fantastic product for your store year-round.

“A Rose by Any Other Name…”

I’m sure Shakespeare knew his stuff but, trust me, nothing smells as sweet as flowers crafted entirely from delicious sugary goodness. Of course, delicate roses are the most iconic Valentine’s Day present there is but, unfortunately, they don’t last very long and don’t taste great either. The same cannot be said for our stunning handmade marzipan roses as they won’t lose their bloom. These elegant sweets are a welcome – and tasty – alternative to traditional roses, perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

I hope I’ve inspired you to get romantic and start planning a beautiful, yet novel, Valentine’s Day display. Don’t forget to remind your single customers to treat themselves too – it’s chocolaty kisses all round!
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