Sweet & Salty Snacks that Couriers Should Pack

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Driving for a living is challenging, and maintaining a healthy body is one of the most important tasks of a successful courier. Jobs will keep you on the go for several hours every day with very few breaks. As a result, it is important to sustain the energy required for this kind of work with nutritious snacks. To resist the lure of the convenient fast food establishments, be sure to pack healthy snacks that are both tasty and easy to consume.

Where to Start

So, how do you go about getting the best nutrients in the most portable fashion? Single servings with a strong focus on protein are always the best way to go.

• Lean meat. Turkey or chicken deli meat can be portioned into individual sizes in sandwiches or wraps.

• Low-fat string cheese sticks. Yes! These are every bit as fun as they were when you were a child, and also provide an excellent source of protein and calcium.

• Nuts. As nutritious as raw nuts and nut butters are, their fat description should make you cautious about the quantity you consume. A little will go a long way.

• Protein shakes. The modern miracle of science has provided us with high-protein drinks and bars that pack a big nutrition punch. Just be sure to keep the other nutrients balanced with it.

Whole Grains

Courier jobs require energy as well as concentration. Whole grains will give you that energy boost you will need to stay alert while behind the wheel.

• Whole grain granola bars are a quick and portable snack and can usually satisfy any sugar craving.

• Plan on starting the day with a combination of protein and whole grains. A warm bowl of oatmeal that’s sprinkled with almonds will keep you feeling full for longer.

• If you’re craving something salty, reach for some whole grain crackers. This is a good way of avoiding the temptation of crisps or chips.

Fuel the Energy You Need

The number one priority for any driver hitting the road should be the ability to stay alert. Consequently, eating on the job should be quick and easy, and should not require you to take your eyes off of the road. Plan ahead and make all of your snacks easily accessible before heading out. This is also where you will reap the benefits of choosing the right energy-packed snacks. Highly nutritious foods will keep you full, thus reducing the number of times that you reach for another snack.

For many carrying out courier jobs, frequent stops throughout the day are a major inconvenience. However, it is important to keep drinking water, as staying hydrated is very effective in combating lethargy and drowsiness. Caffeine can be an effective aid in staying alert as well.

Avoid the Fast Food Trap

Courier jobs and driving for a living can be challenging both physically and mentally. To truly be successful in the industry, drivers must take care of their number one asset: their health. Falling for the convenience and temporary energy boost that fast food provides will ultimately cost a high price, which is why maintaining a healthy body is just as important as maintaining your vehicle!
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