Storm Has the Coolest Men’s Shoes for Bowling – Hands Down

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As you probably know Storm Bowling is the major player in the bowling balls business. It battles Brunswick for the top spot position in bags but until couple of years ago it didn’t even have a line of shoes.

Because of their marketing savvy or just because they have a very good product but in 2 short years Storm Bowling became the number 3 in the market for bowling shoes.

The new 2013 line is no exception. Shoes are great and that’s why I decided to write a post on them.

Let’s begin with the least expensive shoe first – Storm Blizzard. It can be found online for $58.99 and as the price suggests it’s for the beginner or mid-level bowler.

Here is what you get for that amount of money – synthetic upper, nonmarking outsole with defined heel, u-throat upper pattern and microfiber slide soles.

The next in line is the Storm Bolt. This shoe comes in white/black onlyand sells for $69.99 online. Like the Blizzard above the bolt has a synthetic upper, S8 slide soles and heels on both shoes as well as an EVA midsole.

Storm Lightning is the third shoe in the line of men’s shoes. It’s available in teal/black/yellow and black/gray/yellow and you can have it for $76.99.

What makes this shoe great is the good fit, eye-catching colors and the slide friction. What people like about is that they can match the colors of their bowling ball whith the shoes which definitely make them stand apart.

Storm SP 700 the next in the lineup of men’s bowling shoes comes in black only and can be bought for $139.99 online.

For the same money if you don’t like the SP700 you can get the Storm 702. It has the same features but what separates it is that 702 has no extra soles or heels but has a left and right specific sport outsole.

For $148.99 you can get the next men’s shoe in the line – SP 800 by Storm. It looks cool and expensive thanks to the leather majority upper, hand-specific sport outsole, interchangeable sole and heel and air vents for breathability.

Storm SP 900 is the most expensive of all Storm shoes for men in the 2013 line up. It can be purchased online for $159.99 and is available in two colors. The black/gray/silver model is available in regular and wide and the white/blue and yellow model for left and right hand bowlers. Aside from the cool look what people like about it is how easy it is to break the shoes. They say that once that happens you can have the perfect slide.

If you want to purchase any of the men’s shoes and at the same time want to get the most shoe for your money I bet I can help you. I’m going to tell you a little known website with low low prices and great customer service.

Please don’t be quick to assume that I’m talking about, and the likes. I am referring to a little-known jewel called, go check it out.

At everybody gets free shipping on every item on the site and 1 year of limited warranty.
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So once again – head on to to check out the latest bowling shoes for men from Storm. While there take a minute to read the blog post on Storm men’s bowling shoes.


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