Stop and Smell the Rosé in Val d’Isère’s Finest Restaurants

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As well as wonderful skiing, Val d'Isère has some truly world-class restaurants in which to spend your evenings wining and dining. These are a few of our favourite – with decadent surroundings, delectable menus and devilishly good drinks you’ll be spoilt for choice for gastronomical gorging.

La Fruitière

For a cheese and wine tasting in Val d'Isère you should look no further than the white-washed walls, distressed beams and exposed pipes of La Frutière. Their underground sampling room is dominated by a huge wooden communal table at which you and your fellow foodies will be wowed by the delectable offerings presented to you. Other delights on the menu include their famous pasta and hearty meat dishes, with the spaghetti bolognaise in a jar being a personal favourite and easy crowd pleaser. If you choose to enjoy these delicious dishes outside to make the most of the stunning vistas, you can do so in one of their special super-warm onesies to ward off the cold.

Le Signal

For French food made with the freshest of local ingredients, Le Signal (known as Chez Brigitte by those in the know) would be hard to beat. Chef Brigitte’s famous mouth-watering fare is available all day, and special private dinners are easy to arrange. The unbeatable panoramic views over the valley will leave a sweet taste in your mouth long after the dessert plates have been taken away.

La Table De l’Ours

At Val d'Isère’s only Michelin-starred restaurant you can expect a crackling fire, superbly-stocked fine wine cellar and, of course, a dazzling menu full of inventive and eclectic modern takes on classic flavours. This is the perfect place to treat yourself to a truly delicious dining experience after a long day on the slopes or perhaps even a few tumbling falls along the way.

Le Peau de Vache

For something less formal, but by no means less mouth-watering, Le Peau de Vache (literally translated as ‘cowskin’) will fulfil all your carnal carnivorous cravings and more. The menu has everyone’s favourites and the typical French fixtures of cheese and potatoes done a hundred different ways, so this is a great place for some very gastronomically-pleasing gastropub-esque grub.

La Grande Ourse

Opened in 1936, this is widely considered to be one of the finest restaurants Val d'Isère has to offer. Why not stop off at the famous white chalet for pre- or post-dinner drinks? Its cosy interior and extensive wine list make its allure very difficult to resist.

An Advisable Aperitif

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