Staying in North London? The Best Museums on Your Doorstep

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There are several wonderful museums to visit in north of the capital especially if this is where you have organised your student accommodation. London is a city filled with rich history, culture and art, and you’ll find plenty to explore in this part of the capital, including Freud’s home, Keats’ House and the Canal Museum.

Although plenty of the capital’s most iconic sites are in the city centre, there is so much to discover in North London. It is in this area that you’ll find a wealth of aviation history related to the RAF, the intriguing story of British Judaism and incredible engineering in the form of the Markfield Beam Engine.

Royal Air Force

If you’re interested in aviation, you can find the RAF Museum just a ten-minute walk from Colindale station. There are real aircrafts on display, interactive exhibitions and plenty more to discover here, with the chance to learn about Royal Air Force history, including the RAF’s victory in the Battle of Britain, which was a pivotal moment in the Second World War.


Finchley is where Sigmund Freud and his family lived from 1938 through until the 1980s. The site is an easy walk from Finchley Road station and is home to Freud’s iconic psychoanalytic couch as well as many more artefacts and objects of interest.


The Jewish Museum is nearby to two of the capital’s most famous attractions, Regent’s Park and London Zoo. This is a great area to head to once you have settled into your student accommodation. London is a great place to discover the story of British Judaism, with this site of interest just a five-minute walk from Camden Town station.

Keats House

The famous Romantic poet John Keats had his home in the luxury area of Hampstead. Head into the library at Keats House to explore the story of a poet who had such an enormous impact on literature despite dying at the young age of 25.


At the Canal Museum, you’ll discover the story of the capital’s nineteenth-century waterways. These were used as freight highways, whilst the city’s Victorian Wells were used to store ice which had been imported from other countries – at a time when ice couldn’t be produced artificially. You’ll find it between the Angel and King’s Cross St. Pancras tube stations.

Markfield Beam Engine

The Markfield Beam Engine and Museum is where you’ll discover the story of the Victorian engineering industry. Next to the River Lea, it is home to the 100-horsepower Beam Engine, which used to be able to transport a staggering 2 million gallons of waste every single day.

Whilst the centre is home to perhaps the most famous and iconic sites in the capital, the northern boroughs are an equally interesting option for your student accommodation. London is filled with wonderful sites of interest, with this area of the capital home to the RAF Museum, Keats House and so much more.
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