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It would be a mistake to consider sports photography if your sole goal is money making . Sports photographers find it easier to grab the real essence of the moment because their instincts help prime them for recognizing those moments that are very much worth shooting. Sports photography can be ultra competitive and you will do well by having both great photography skills and natural people skills. That is what is takes to have people be in position to enable you to get the best shots. The best advise one can give on making it in sports media comes next. Improve, improve, and always improve. Look as if you are an athlete always trying to get just a little better with your game. Take courses which will offer you as many technical advances and frsh techniques as possible. Finding a sports specialty class is all the better.


Always work on your social skills. The very best place to catch the action in pro sports is most often exactly where they have put the best seats of the venue. In the event that you are allowed in that area there, you will need to exhibit very professional social skills, while being unobtrusive, and major league polite with the fans that are around you. On top of that is it very important to invest in quality cameras and lenses. You are going to learn quite fast that a lot of sports photography requires very fast telephoto lenses that have quick autofocus. So from day one, commitment will be very important in the form of proper investment to enable you to catch action as it happens with great speed.

Photographers that cover sporting events normally do such work for newspapers, magazines or an agencies which supply such needed images to newspapers and magazines. Many times the work is being done in a freelance mode, and then the photos sold to publications that need such pictures to round out their own efforts. Such work and such assignments can be very demanding, and you may need to some serious travelling, and sometimes grind out some heavy hours of labor. One kind of bonus may be that if you are a true fan of the sport you are covering, you may actually get to meet athletes that you are a great fan of.


This type of work is a job entails taking pictures of athletes in motion, and that may have you doing heavy prep before a game, and also require great patience during an event while waiting for that amazing shot to come. If you are assigned by a paper or magazine, you will have deadlines to deal with. Real deadlines, as in you are late, your work is dead.

The pressure can get to you to capture great shots, and to deliver results on time. However if this is your passion, you will find a way to get it all done. If you are just getting started, show your portfolio to a local paper. Seek out and look for small gigs to start. Enroll in a photo club in your local and if possible take intermediate and advanced photography classes. It’s more than a chance to learn. It is a chance to meet like minded people, and to make contacts to help further your career.
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