Spanish Souvenirs to Pick Up While in the Algarve

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One of the best things about going on holiday is finding that something special to take back to remind you of the fantastic time you had. If you’re going to the Algarve, your memories will no doubt be steeped in sunshine and wonderful food and drink. Here are a few souvenir ideas that will help you capture the flavour of your time in the region and take you back in the blink of an eye.


Though it may be a tricky one to take back with you (so make sure you pack it carefully), the beautifully designed traditional ceramics of the Algarve region make for a real arts and crafts highlight. Particularly in some of the smaller coastal towns, the bowls, plates, mugs and platters are the perfect souvenir to add a bit of culture and colour to your dining set at home.


The ceramics mentioned above will last for a very long time and bring much joy to any household in which they end up. Medronho, while bringing similar levels of joy, will likely not last nearly as long, as the brandy-like spirit is quite the delicious delicacy. Served (usually) in very small portions, this super strong drink can be bought from farmers and pretty much any local you can find who grows and harvests the medronho berries.

Catalan Pan

Few things are as synonymous with Portuguese cuisine than these clam-shaped pans, which are ideal for making some of those delicious Algarve seafood recipes in the comfort of your own home. Again, it’s a little big to pack up and bring home in a suitcase, but for beautiful, evenly steam-cooked food it’s certainly well worth the effort.

Olive Oil

Some traditionally made local olive oil is another great way of adding the spice, heat and texture of your holiday in the Algarve to an everyday dish – or even to give as a thoughtful present to a friend or relative you had to leave at home. With a bottle of authentic olive oil in your kitchen, you could have a go at making some of the regional delicacies you’ve tasted - or just add it to simple meat, fish and salad dishes. It’s easy for many souvenirs to sit on the shelf and gather dust, but something like olive oil can be used every single day at home. It’s also a very good reason to head back out to Portugal as soon as possible to stock up once it’s gone...

How to Get There

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Whatever you bring back from your holiday, if it’s from the Algarve it is sure to be something special. With a range of locally sourced food, drink, trinkets and pottery made all over the region, there’s plenty from which to choose to bring back for someone you care about.
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