Sore Member After Intimacy? How to Soothe the Burn

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When a man has a lot of sensual activity, he can feel many things. Joy. Elation. Extreme pain and throbbing. Wait, what? That's right! Marathon lovemaking can leave a man with more than a lot of happy memories; it can also leave him with a very sore member after intimacy. There may be irritation and a little chafing if there was any dry action and there will certainly be some dull ache and discomfort. No need to call the doc (unless a genital injury is feared), here are a few simple home remedies any man can use when he needs to practice a little extra care for his man downstairs.

1. Take a Sensual Sabbatical – The first, best, and truest tip to treat a sore male organ after intimacy is to give that male member a break. From everything. Yes, even hand action, oral action, and self-love. Give that sore member a few days off for everything he did. This time-out serves two purposes: first, it will give the member time to recuperate, and second, it will enhance sensitivity for the next intimate encounter.

2. Go Commando – May nothing come between a man and his member but air. With nothing to touch the delicate area, going without trousers or bottoms of any sort, it takes pressure off the member and also removes any possibility of irritating a sore and potentially chafed member. It will also cool down the over-worked member. For men who live with their partners, it may be a good rule of thumb to let him or her know that temporary bareness is not an advance of the amore sort, more a treatment for a bit too much. Oh, and don’t leave the house without pants. It won’t go well.

3. Just Chill (no Netflix) – By getting the temperature back to normal, soreness generally goes down. Make a cold compress at home using a soft washcloth which has been soaked in cool water. Simply rinse out the washcloth and set it on the bare member. Do not use ice or ice packs on the member as they can stick to the skin and be too intense to give comfort and actually can cause more pain. Continue replacing the compress every few minutes until comfortable.

4. Take a Warm Bath – A bath can be a ritualistic and relaxing practice that calms the body and reduces tension in the muscles. Taking a warm bath after too much intimacy can be very comforting to the member. It helps the blood vessels in the member relax which will reduce tension in the member. Take a warm bath and stay in it for at least 20 minutes for optimal results. Be sure not to use hot water as it can make matters worse and no bubble bath which could irritate the skin. Maybe even light a candle and listen to some chill music to set the mood.

5. Perform a Light Massage with a Male Organ Creme -- After a warm bath or cool compress, use a specially formulated male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to promote healing and soothing. Nutrient-rich crèmes intended specifically for the Male Organ should have an all-moisturizer, like Shea butter, for an irritation-free, emollient-rich experience. Be on the lookout for crèmes with special ingredients like L-Carnitine to thwart nerve damage from excess friction from too much intimacy and helps to preserve member sensitivity. Another beneficial addition would be vitamin C which aids in collagen production, increasing skin elasticity and suppleness. The right crème can make all the difference when it comes to relieving and treating a sore member after intimacy.
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