Smegma 101: What It Is and How to Deal with It

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Smegma…it seems to be a dirty, dirty word. Point in fact, it is literally a really clean word. It comes from the Latin meaning soap or to cleanse. So, if it has a squeaky-clean origin, then why do people today associate it with a nasty white funk hiding in a guy’s junk?

Well, it’s because people often hear about smegma when it’s so far gone that it’s causing problems. It’s actually part of a normal daily detoxifying process that happens naturally. Smegma is the end result of clean up. It’s comprised of oil, dead skin cells, and other bodily fluids. Men and women also both produce it. In small amounts, it can be seen by some as a lubricant. However, it gets its bad rap from the overabundance or overgrowth of this biological concoction that can lead to a serious odorific offender, inflammation, and even infection. Thank goodness that it is also something that can be cleaned up quickly for most men, and then avoided in the future. Let’s talk all things smegma.

Symptoms of Smegma

Smegma is one of those things that is pretty clear-cut. The symptoms of smegma don’t vary widely and are pretty noticeable. A few of those symptoms are:

• Fiery Member. When overgrowth happens, the affected male organ gets red, irritated, and sore, which leads well into the next symptom…

• Peeing like an Angry Dragon. All that fire has to leave the body somehow! Feeling a burning sensation when urinating and lots of throbbing is not uncommon once smegma comes to town.

• What is that SMELL? Smegma is often noted for its unique sour, gag-inducing fragrance.

• White, thick texture with a cheese-like consistency. It may look like ricotta cheese, but it sure isn’t! The texture and smell of this bodily buildup got the name “head cheese” for a reason.

Smegma Causes

There’s pretty much only one cause of smegma – when a man doesn’t adequately and regularly wash his nether region. So, lack of proper and regular hygiene is the root cause of smegma.

While not a so-called cause of smegma, men who are uncircumcised are at greater risk for smegma issues because the foreskin is smegma’s favorite place to camp out. This can lead to a buildup that is so serious it can cause the foreskin not to retract. Some men choose to be circumcised in adulthood if smegma is a chronic issue.

Getting Rid of Smegma

Simple cause, simple treatment. Clean that Johnson! Implement a daily hygiene ritual for male organ health. What should be included? So, thrilled that came up. Here is an easy five-point guide to having the cleanest, healthiest, smegma-free member on the block:

1. Softly pull back the foreskin (if applicable). Note: If any smegma has hardened, the skin may not want to pull back. Don’t force it! It can not only cause extreme pain but also tear the very delicate genital skin which can lead to bleeding and infection.

2. Use a mild cleanser and warm water to wash the area that’s either covered or typically covered by the foreskin. Be tender but thorough. If the smegma hardened, rub some oil (coconut, olive, or grapeseed) on it first to loosen it up.

3. Rinse meticulously and pat or air dry.

4. Follow cleansing by nourishing the member with a specially formulated male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) daily. Select a crème that has an all-natural moisturizing base like Shea butter or vitamin E. Look for the addition of nutrients like vitamins A, B, C, and D for their anti-bacterial, skin-soothing and cell regeneration properties.

5. Repeat these steps daily until the smegma vanishes and then continue to follow this new routine to prevent smegma until it’s old hat.

If the smegma doesn’t go away after a week of cleansing or the foreskin won’t retract, see a doctor. Otherwise, enjoy a smegma-free member!
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