Smart Hydration Saves Dry Male Organ Skin

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When the pants come off, a guy wants to present the most handsome manhood possible to his adoring public or potential partner – or whoever happens to be around. Even in non-sensual situations, like the locker room, a guy doesn’t want another dude to glance at his equipment and think, “Gross, what is wrong with his junk?” But when a man is cursed with dry male organ skin, that’s the reaction many may have- especially if that dryness results in flaky or otherwise unhealthy-looking skin. Maintaining good male organ health helps avoid dry male organ skin, and so does taking steps to achieve proper levels of hydration.

Why hydration is important

The body has a great need for water – and not just for the skin. A person’s skin is made up of about 64% water, which is significant. But other parts of the body also require even more water, like the heat (73% water), the kidneys (79%) and the lungs (93%). Without a good amount of water, the body cannot function properly.

As everyone knows, water in the body has to be replenished. We lose water through various means, such as sweating and urinating. (Even intense pointed, as semen contains water, too.) Maintaining a proper level of hydration can be tricky, especially during the hot summer months when people tend to sweat much more.

When the skin lacks water, it gets much tighter and has less flexibility. It becomes dry and often flakes. This can happen to skin anywhere on the body, including the member. Some doctors think that dry male organ skin can cause tumescence to be somewhat painful, due to the tightness of the dry male organ skin theoretically constraining the male organ as it grows and hardens.

How to stay hydrated

For most people, the most important way to stay hydrated is simply to drink enough fluids every day. Water is generally the best choice, although people who are very active and sweat a lot may want to use sports drinks that are formulated to help replace some of the nutrients lost from sweat. Drinks with alcohol or caffeine are not recommended, as they actually can cause some dehydration.

How much water to drink varies from person to person. The general guide is 6-8 glasses a day, but some people may need more (or less), depending on how active they are, how much they sweat, etc. People can also get extra hydration help from eating foods naturally rich in water, such as watermelon, grapes, oranges, celery, etc.

Showering also helps to replenish moisture for dry skin (including dry male organ skin). However, it’s important that shower water is not too hot and that one doesn’t shower for too long a time. Hot water can actually dry out the skin by depleting it of essential oils which help retain moisture. And staying too long in the shower can likewise cause oils to drift away. Using soap is good, but if it is too harsh, it can dry out the skin – so go for a mild alternative.

Finally, one way to fight dry male organ skin and maintain proper hydration to the member is to daily apply a first class male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). To be most effective, it is essential that a man selects a quality crème that contains a combination of moisturizers, such as a high end emollient (shea butter is an excellent choice) and a natural hydrator (go for vitamin E if possible). These can combine to create a “moisture shield” that helps the male organ skin maintain more of its water. The best cremes will also include alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant that aids moisturization by fighting excess free radicals and the oxidative stress they can cause.
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