Small is Cool: The Virtues of the Mini Bar

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In the world of chocolate one may be first inclined to argue for “the more the better” – surely a larger quantity of this delectable treat in any form can only be a good thing?

Well, the Mini Bar would beg to differ (and no, we’re not talking about the expensive container housing alcohol and snacks in your hotel room). These bitesize treats are proving the point that when it comes to experiencing the delights of fine confectionery, less is in fact more. Furthermore, with bars that can fit in your customers’ pockets and handbags, and comprised of ingredients typically sourced directly from farmers, this is both convenient and ethical chocolate consumption. Vive la révolution!

A New World of Flavoursome Discovery

The craft approach to chocolate has lent itself to a range of innovative new flavours that can be perfectly enjoyed in miniature form. To whet your customer’s appetite, look no further than the extensive range from passionate chocolatiers Dolfin, and indulge yourself in a mini, 30-gram version of one of their intense Brazilian Pink Peppercorn bars or Indian Masala Chai bars. Continue the journey of discovery with some of the 50-gram samples from Willie’s Cacao, whose meticulous attention to detail regarding flavour subtlety is reflected in the deliciousness of such classics as their Ginger and Lime Cuban or El Blanco Venezuelan bars.

Direct from the Experts

One of the added virtues of these craft minibars is that more often than not they derive from entrepreneurial organisations that are extolling ethical chocolate production. Expect bars whose flavour, texture and delicacy have been directly influenced by skilful cocoa farmers in the rainforests of South America, Africa and South East Asia, who are fairly compensated for their expertise.

Affordable Luxury

This focus on quality and ethical chocolate does not mean that your consumers have to break the bank to enjoy these artisanal delicacies. This is one of the great benefits of the mini bar, allowing customers to sample a variety of these exquisite flavours in small and affordable doses, providing them with an all-round richer experience. An inquisitive patron who comes away with three innovatively flavoured mini bars as opposed to one standard milk chocolate number will likely be happy to have paid the little extra for the chance to test their taste buds and tell a story!

Convenient Cocoa

Additionally, given their size, mini bars can be flexibly placed in a range of different areas across a café, store or gift shop. Most especially, they can fit neatly on or around a purchase counter, offering customers an opportune, affordable and ethical chocolate snack as an impulse buy that can be neatly fit in their back pocket.
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