Sipotek Introduces New-gen Visual Inspection Machines

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Shenzhen, China (February 22, 2019) – Sipotek has introduced an extensive range of new generation Visual Inspection Machines with dynamic features and specializations. These vision machine systems make use of image processing software and camera for examining and analyzing the actual quality of the processes and parts. It plays a very crucial role in obtaining the highest standard effectiveness in manufacturing, production, and cost reduction. The company can produce robust Visual Inspection Machines with the best magnification, high speed, round-the-clock operation, and traceable measurements, tailored to meet the needs and objectives of individual organizations.

Highly advanced optical technologies characterize the Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine. The products are capable of ensuring quality control that is more accurate in comparison to the one that is offered by the human eye, as it can eliminate undesirable components like inconsistency, negligence, and errors from the operators. The Sipotek Visual Inspection System performs checks over an extensive array of materials, starting from ceramic to rubber and from wood to leather. They are even capable of ensuring meticulous and complete checks over an extensive range of parts and accessories. The Visual Inspection Machine China is very powerful and delivers the most precise outcomes that are very credible and can be relied upon. Sipotex can also render dynamic, customized systems based on individual requirements.

The clients of Sipotek have highly appreciated and praised the products of the company. One of the company’s major client, Johnson & Johnson, commented, “Thank you all for your support and co-operation last week, it made the Factory Acceptance Test an easier task. Just to confirm in writing that I was very pleased with the system you have built. The design and build quality are a very high standard, and I have no hesitation in accepting the system for shipment.” Similarly, many other organizations have also commented in appreciation of the customized and top-notch products offered by Sipotek.

About the Company:
Sipotek is a China-based machine manufacturing company established 15 years ago. The company performs a wide range of research, development, and manufacturing of machine vision and image technology. Sipotek has a highly skilled and experienced working team. The team consists of automation engineers and research personnel. The major technical personnel of the company is primarily from Huawei, Foxconn, Byd, and other top-class manufacturing organizations with in-depth knowledge and expertise in the domains of Industrial Automation, Image & Visual Comparison Technology, Software Design, and many others.

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About author: Sumanta Dutta

The highly acclaimed machine manufacturing company Sipotek has lately launched its new-gen Visual Inspection Machine. These machines have been designed with the latest tools and techniques, and they highlight many industry-based features. The Visual Inspection Machines of Sipotek have been designed for the different industrial sectors, keeping in mind the specifications and convenience of the end users. A representative of the company said that these robust machines would make inspection tasks simpler and reduce manual efforts.


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