Shanti Wellness Centre Opens Online Store Offering Wellness Products

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Shanti Wellness Centre in Wetaskiwn, Alberta, Canada, has created a new website offering healing hair care, skin care, essential oils and protein snacks.

Shanti Wellness started off in the small Albertan town in 2010 as a brick and mortar store. Owners Zaheen Nanji, author, speaker and NLP Practitioner, along with husband Badur Nanji, Registered Massage Therapist, run the centre along with their team of qualified practitioners. They provide a variety of healing procedures such as massage, reflexology, reiki, organic facials and organic body wraps.

“We quickly realized that our clients were looking for quality products to enhance their well-being and this was difficult to acquire in our small town,” says Zaheen. “After understanding the wellness product market and looking for quality suppliers, we decided to focus on hair care, skin care, essential oils and protein snacks.”

But there’s also a personal reason for the focus on hair care, skin care and essential oils. Zaheen was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. During her chemotherapy treatments she suffered from nausea, rashes on her skin and sleep deprivation. She found that essential oils seemed to help more than any other type of product. A search for natural hair care products containing therapeutic essential oils showed that there was hardly anything available. At that point, Zaheen decided to set up the Shanti Wellness online store with the type of products she was looking for.

Zaheen and Badur strongly believe in being proactive about your health. As Zaheen says: “Most of us wait for the dis-ease to appear before we react to make changes or become customers of the pharmaceutical industry. Wellness starts with you and this has been very evident in cultures such as Asian, South Asian and the Native Indian. Our philosophy of wellness encompasses the mind, body, spirit as a whole with a balance flow of energy.”

The Shanti Wellness online store offers free, downloadable, healthy recipes along with a variety of essential oils, skin and hair care products, protein snacks, and hot drinks.

You can visit the store at

Zaheen Nanji
Shanti Wellness Centre
Wetaskiwn, Alberta
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