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Seasonal changes, just like your wardrobe, are always welcome with new anticipation of great things to come. Your Direct Mail campaigns can be set up to be scheduled and themed with the Seasons. Real estate seasonal marketing is a great way to connect with customers and clients. By connecting to your clients year-round, it increases the chances that they will think of you when they need a service like yours. Seasonal Marketing is effective marketing strategy and it inspires new ideas for reaching new prospects
*Spring is the season of new beginnings. The winter is over and people are cleaning up and spending more time outdoors. Gardening, tree trimming and washing windows brings a sparkle to homes and this can be the subject of a Campaign - a Sparkling Spring! A new home that has more amenities that allows families to spend time outdoors or is located near parks or beaches are the sparkle prospects are looking for. Showcasing properties that are suited to the spring and summer weather and marketing to prospective homebuyers that are interested in those lifestyles are real estate marketing opportunities for this time of year. With spring, the ways to market your business are plentiful. Here are some ways that Xpressdocs can help you market your business:
Topics for Springtime
Baseball is America’s favorite sports. Baseball schedules are popular. And they are designed to last all season so you and your clients will never miss a game. Create postcards with schedules for both the American and the National leagues and send out in time for the opening pitch.
Spring Forward Postcards or magnets are super handy for prospects! Send out a thoughtful reminder to your current and prospective clients to move their clocks forward. Your customers will not only appreciate it, but they will think of you next time they need a service like yours.
Send a postcard just to let your customers know you are thinking of them with a General Spring cartoon. These postcards last all season so you can send them at anytime. Spring postcards are sure to catch the eye of your clients and customers and maybe even .
St. Patrick’s Day is one of those Springtime events that everyone enjoys so much. Send a postcard to remind your customers to wear green and give them an Irish blessing.
Easter is full of colorful eggs, bunnies and family time.Send a postcard to your friends and customers to let them know you are thinking of them and when it comes time for their new beginnings, such as buying a new home, they will remember you.
*Summer is the outdoor holiday season with Labor Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. Red, white and blue are the colors for three full months of Direct Mail ideas. A lot goes on in the community, and there a lot of events happening.
Topics for Summer
Send out a Summer Newsletter and put something together that tells your readers where the fun is happening in your town this summer.This can be Concerts, Festivals, Summer Camps, and anything that parents might be interested in.
Send out a postcard that has summer maintenance ideas, ten landscaping ideas, tips to clean up your garage and keeping up with your pool for cheap.
Then there are letters that can help with home electricity tips geared for the summer such as adding plants outside (or even inside) to bring more shade in and around your home.
Learn how to program your thermostat. Most new ones come with automatic settings to save money but also keep the home cool by running at the best times.
Think about adding a fan. Or bringing in portable ones. They will allow you to set your thermostat higher and stay just as cool.
Install room-darkening blinds.
Look into transparent coating for windows that blocks heat.
Homeowners will read these letters as it helps with their bill base and the betterment of their home!
Write about the top 10 DIY summer projects, or vacation checklists and then there is a list you can send of the 20 things to know before listing your home the summer.
And of course, there are the Red, White and Blue themes for the Fourth of July, Memorial and Labor days. How to pack a picnic, best parks for family picnics, how to decorate the front porch in our American colors are all unique subjects that will definitely get read by the receiver!
*So many people rejoice the Fall Season. The heat and humidity is gone, there is a wonderful scent in the air, football has started and the kids are back in school. The crispness of the season and the brilliant colors allows for many interesting new themes for letters and postcards. Fall is a great time for many people to consider selling or buying a home.
Topics for Fall
Write a newsletter. touting the advantages of listing in the fall versus spring and include some stats to back up your claim.
Write a letter on how to prepare a home for fall. A short list of tips that you can write about include: Cleaning downspouts and gutters that fill up with falling leaves. Give the house a fresh coat of paint while the weather is cooler.
Roof maintenance to prepare for winter weather. Fireplace and chimney maintenance. Furnace or heater tips, such as replacing filters and cleaning systems. Window and door seals to keep out cold air and save on energy costs.
Create a calendar of all of the local events. Design it in bright orange and red. Include the festivals, hayrides, color tours and apple cider mills.
And of course, there can be a postcard sent on all of the rules of safe Trick and Treating!
*Winter is the season of BIG holidays, intense decorating and cozy and warm evenings. It is also the season of homes looking sparkly and perfect. Open houses can be very romantic and heartwarming and conducive to the spirit of the season.
Send out a 3 fold flyer showing a drawing of town and the indoor activities and special places like ice or roller skating rinks, bowling alley, coffee houses and wine bars. Point out Art Galleries and museums.
Forget the boring open house! Ask the seller if you can throw an afternoon happy hour on a Sunday with a football game going on in the background. Send out invitations in the team's colors shaped like footballs. Offer seasonal food, drinks and music.
Create a tax guide and send out. Work with a local expert to develop the description.
Send out a guide on a postcard that highlights why winter can be a great time to buy or sell a home. Focus on benefits like quicker transactions and lower competition, and include other market-specific information.
Create a list of seasonal companies that provide services such as driveway clearing, snow blowing, furnace repair, window maintenance and heating assistance.
Send out Christmas ornaments on postcards that can be punched out. Have your logo and website printed on the back.
Buy your annual holiday cards from a favorite charity. Let your clients know what causes you support while wishing them a very merry season. Make sure you thank each of your clients and service providers.
Send out a Year in Review by creating a letter that give personal accounts of your best sales of the year.
Postcards are a great eye-catching, tangible marketing tool, formatted to your specific preferences and needs, with endless customization in a multitude of sizes – regular, oversized, and custom cut.
We, at Everest Direct Mail & Marketing, can create colorful, attention-grabbing designs with your images, logo, and any description you’d like to include – using your own design or one created uniquely for you by our talented and experienced designers.
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