Savvy Saving: Know How to Cut Your Fuel Costs

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It can be tough for haulage companies to find ways to scrimp and save, especially if they are large businesses with several trucks on the go at once. If you’re a fleet manager or an owner driver, you’ll know that there are a number of inevitable costs that come with running a HGV. What you might not know, however, is that fuel accounts for around 25% of these costs.

If you’re keen to cut down on spending, some of these helpful tips about how haulage companies like yours can avoid paying more than necessary for fuel may be of interest.

Comparing Prices

It may seem like an obvious tip, but encouraging your drivers to take the time to compare the price of fuel either locally or along their delivery routes can really help save a few pounds here and there (which eventually will make a significant difference). To make things easier, your employees can download price locator apps that can show them the best nationwide deals for petrol and diesel. By planning stops accordingly, they’ll be able to make sure they’re always paying the very best price.

Vehicle Checks

Haulage companies are required to check their vehicles for potential issues relatively frequently, but many are unaware that having the wrong tyre pressure can hugely affect fuel consumption.

If your truck’s tyre pressure falls below the recommended psi, this means that the engine will be working harder than it should. To avoid this, check the psi of each tyre regularly – keeping on top of this relatively easy to manage issue could make a huge difference to your vehicle’s petrol or diesel consumption.

Knowing When to Fuel Up

You’ll always find that it’s best to fill tanks at supermarkets rather than motorway service stations, so encourage your drivers to keep to this rule as well as using the price locator apps mentioned above. If they find themselves unable to wait for a cheaper stopping point, they should get into the habit of filling up a small amount at the expensive pump before moving on to another (cheaper) station later in their journey.

Driving Safe

Of course, safe driving is encouraged throughout the transport industry, but it’s not only to avoid danger on the roads. Driving cautiously has also been proven to reduce fuel consumption, so while your employees are out doing delivery work, make sure they are trained to keep an eye on their speed and braking. Harsh increases or decreases in speed can seriously harm the mechanics of the truck in addition to eating up all the petrol/diesel.

No matter how big or small your business is, taking these tips on board will be sure to make a difference to your expenditures. They may seem like small savings at first, but everyone has to start somewhere to compete with big haulage companies.
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