Sapphire is a Beautiful Gemstone

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Sapphire gemstone is very charming and alluring and the people around the globe adore it unanimously for its unmatched beauty and attraction. These-days, people prefer this stone over diamonds, for their engagement and wedding jewelry. Let us know more about this wonderful gemstone in detail.

Origin and Legends-

The sapphire stone has been used in the jewelry since the times immemorial and there is an interesting legend associated with it. The ancient Persians believed it strongly that the gem is the chip of the pedestal and it supports the earth, due to the reflection of which the beautiful sky received its blue colors. How interesting is it to know what our ancestors thought about this mesmerizing stone! The name Sapphire is derived from a Greek word “Sappheiros” meaning blue.

Famous cuts-

The stone is can be cut in almost all known shapes. Yet, some of the famous cuts for this stone are- oval, round, cushion, emerald, etc. These can be cut in other shapes as well and some of them are- pear, heart, marquise and briolette.

Available Colors-

The popular gemstone is available in a number of colors like yellow, blue, pink, orange, purple, violet, etc. The orange-pink hue of this gem is very rare and is known as “Padparadscha”, derived from a Sanskrit word meaning lotus color. These-days, people love pink and yellow color too, along with the regular blue sapphires.

Sapphire for jewelry-

This stone is used in jewelry since long and is easy to get studded due to its hardness. It is next to diamonds in hardness, having 9 on Mohs scale. It is a durable stone and people prefer it for its longevity.

Healing and mystical properties-

The gem is said to posses some healing and mystical powers. It is believed to help in improving the blood flow and can be a remedy to lack of appetite as it controls the functioning of the thyroid gland. People believe that it is an auspicious stone and protects the wearer against danger and evil spirits. They also believe that it can help overcome difficult situations.

Famous Sapphire Jewelry-

Though there are a number of sapphire jewelry which enjoy the popularity, but there is surely one ring that undoubtedly rules the number one position on the chart. This is the Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond ring. This oval shaped ring is an epitome of love and beauty. Breaking the old rules, the Princess chose blue sapphire ring for her engagement, instead of diamond. She loved this ring so much that she kept wearing it till her death, even after divorce with her husband. This ring is so special that her son, Prince Williams chose the same to propose to his lifetime love Kate Middleton.

Though the craze for sapphire rings was already high, yet the Diana ring is partially responsible for taking it even higher. There is no woman in the world who would not like to posses such a wonderful ring and hence these-days, the online markets are flooded with sapphire and diamond rings, sapphire bands, sapphire solitaire rings, etc. People can easily explore and purchase the one they like and enjoy the extravaganza!
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