Santa Luzia: Visit the Village of the Octopus!

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If you’re travelling to Portugal and want to explore something a little different, Santa Luiza village could be your perfect day trip. There’s all sorts to see in this beautiful spot, and it’s only half an hour from Faro. With Tavira village nearby as well, you can combine your authentic trip with a touch of history to really get a taste of Portuguese culture. Here are some of the best things about Santa Luiza:

Wonderful Waterways

Not only is there a magnificent shoreline, but this fishing village happens to overlook Ria Formosa Natural Park, which is home to some stunning lagoons and waterways. You can take a boat tour in the summer months to explore these areas of natural beauty, and there are also birdwatching tours available. Migratory birds often accumulate in this area, so it makes a great viewing spot. There is also some marine life to enjoy as you travel through the waterways.

Ogle at the Octopus

Santa Luiza is most famous for its octopus, and the best time to see the fishing fleets in action is the early morning. Their traditional fishing methods using clay pots always result in a great catch, and you can witness the village come alive when the boats are brought ashore and the octopus is taken to be sold at the markets.

Tasting the famous fish is a must if you’re visiting the village. There are plenty of family-run seafood restaurants scattered around, so take your pick and sample the Portuguese delicacy that the locals love.

Stunning Seaside

There are several beaches nearby, but the closest is Praia da Terra Estreita, which some say is the best beach in the region. It can be accessed by ferry or water taxi, and it’s definitely worth the short journey for the incredible views. The area is wonderfully quiet; away from the more popular touristy parts of Portugal. Some basic facilities are available, but bring an umbrella and some refreshments if you plan to spend a few hours there.

How to Get There

If you are keen to explore various areas around Portugal, it is recommended that you fly into one of the airports that has easy access to surrounding villages. One of the best bases for this kind of holiday is Faro airport. Transfer from here to your destination with a specialist company and you’ll be able to start your holiday in no time.

The flight time comes to around two and a half hours, and the transfer is a further one hour. Thankfully, if you book your Faro airport transfer in advance, you’ll be able to skip other transport queues and get going straight away.

Remember that Santa Luiza is just a small village, so it’s best to plan another activity for the same day. Close-by attractions include Barril Beach and the historical Tavira village.
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