Restaurants in Tenerife to Feed your Hunger for Romance

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Tenerife is a widely popular holiday destination, and with good reason. It boasts a wonderfully warm climate pretty much all year round, and its mix of beautiful beaches on the coast and volcanic rock inland mean there’s plenty for tourists to see. For couples, the addition of the island’s unique cuisine drawing on local produce, Spanish influences and more contemporary styles makes this the ideal romantic getaway destination.

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the best romantic restaurants on the island as well as some useful tips on how to get there and book the best value Tenerife transfers. Spend little on travel and you’ll have plenty more to spend on delicious food!

Mesón el Monasterio

We begin at the foot of a volcano, with a place that arguably has the most impressive exterior of all. Mesón el Monasterio is a set of restaurants housed inside a former seventeenth century monastery, which also acted as a country estate over its long lifetime. A renovation in the 1990s preserved the best of the old while making it a homely and comfortable location for a number of modern diners. Café el Mirador certainly has the best views, but La Bodega is better for loved-up couples looking for a rustic, cosy vibe.

El Burgado

From grand, sweeping views over volcanic valleys to a rocky outpost overlooking the ocean, El Burgado offers the ideal location for you and your love to feel totally relaxed, at one with nature and away from the busier tourist areas of Tenerife.

The restaurant definitely showcases the island’s mixture of influences when it comes to food – its diverse seafood menu, contemporary takes on Spanish classics and range of Mediterranean dishes makes this a great place to enjoy something a little different.

Tasca Tierras del Sur

Another eatery located away from the busier resort areas, Tasca Tierras del Sur sits in the small town of Granadilla, providing the perfect excuse for a trip into the countryside with your sweetheart. On arrival, you’ll be greeted with a warm, rustic atmosphere as well as some truly excellent food, with locally sourced produce including cheeses and meats.


Named after the famous Basque chef Martín Berasategui, M.B.’s confidence extends beyond its minimalist naming style. As Berasategui’s only restaurant on the island, it offers a truly unique opportunity to sample his Basque-influenced recipes.

This is perhaps the most highly regarded restaurant on this list, so it’s ideal for couples looking to celebrate a special event like an anniversary. Boasting two Michelin stars and an idyllic location in prestigious Ritz-Carlton Abama hotel, this place is not to be missed if you’re happy to splash some cash.

How to Get There

Many airlines offer affordable direct flights from UK airports to Tenerife. Transfers are by far the best way to get around once you’ve landed, allowing you to get exactly where you need to go with as little fuss as possible. Book your Tenerife transfers in advance to save you time, money and hassle after landing.

We hope this list has whetted your appetite for a romantic getaway and that our tips on flights and Tenerife transfers help you start your holiday in comfort and style. Visit any of these restaurants with your loved one and you’re sure to remember this holiday for years to come.
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