Represent your company with style by handing silk laminated business cards

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An important aspect of successful business is engaging with the clients and increasing the marketing base. It’s not only about selling ideas and products; it’s also about representing your company to promising clients that make you or your business seem reliable. It’s all about networking, and although sending contact information via email or text might seem easy, it is quite impersonal. Exchanging business cards with prospective clients is an age-old practice, and it is probably the most effective as well. Getting the business cards printed from the most reliable and service ensures the quality of your company’s business card. Get in touch with the pioneers of the printing business and get your silk laminated business cards printed using the top-notch Heidelberg printing technology. If you are looking forward to creating a good client base, ordinary business cards may not form the required impression. Form the right impression on your clients with the best quality 3 layer business cards.

Best printing method

Paid media, search engine optimization, and email marketing though useful are not as effective as personal meetings sealed with handshakes after exchanging business cards. Meetings offer company owners the chance to create good professional bonding with clientele. There are a variety of business cards available including 32 pt edge, 17pt silk, 18 pt uncoated, 100pt linen, and 19pt suede and so on. The state of the art Heidelberg printing technology helps produce silk laminated business cards. The high-tech printing technologies offers flawless colors, and is consistent with 99.9% accuracy rate.

Inspection before shipping

The pioneers of printing offer the best quality 3 layer business cards that help maintain the quality of business repute and image. The quality control department inspects the cards individually prior the shipping procedure. Only those cards that pass coating and color application inspection are dispatched to be shipped to the clients. It is always the responsibility of good printing businesses to ensure that every product delivered is as per the necessity of the clients.

Several options to choose from

With a variety of thickness options, you can choose the one that suits your needs and budget. With several add on options like rounded corners and spot glass, you can always create business cards with an extra edge. The basic cards or 14pt have matte or glossy surface options, with 20% thickness of credit cards. Silk laminated business cards are of the highest quality and helps create a long lasting and positive impression of company clients. These have 60% thickness of credit cards, and are 10 times more lasting than ordinary business cards. With matte/ glossy surface and rounded corner options you can enhance the quality of the cards. Every business card is printed in jumbo machines that are similar to the size of school buses using state of the art technologies. For superior quality cards, clients can go for spot UV glass options, and make them crease and tear resistant.

There is a variety of business cards to choose from including basic business cards, premium business cards, ultra thick 32 pt, linen textured, spot UV business cards, and gold foil stamped. Thickness options ranges from 16pt premium to 19pt suede and 14pt standard to 32 pt edge. The Heidelberg technology is far superior to the ordinary digital printing method and offers 8 times higher quality prints. Small orders are dispatched with 24 hours, and bulk orders are shipped within a maximum of 10 business days.
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Engage in actual conversation with clients and increase business contacts. Form the perfect first impression, and maintain your company repute by handing Silk Laminate Business Cards . Passionate graphic designers specializing in print setup create top quality 3 layer business cards .


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