Red Manhood Emergency: Treatment After a Sunburn

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In the summertime, rays from the sun are stronger than ever, leaving skin vulnerable to burning. Even the most religious SPF appliers can find themselves with a burn, which can lead to discomfort, early on wrinkles and even cancer. Most people are familiar with at-home remedies for a shoulder or back burn, but what to do when you’re dealing with a sunburnedmanhood?

Even though the private area is typically covered by clothing, that doesn’t mean the manhood is shielded from harmful UV rays. Often, these powerful rays from the sun can penetrate clothing, leaving your entire body, clothed or not, vulnerable to a sunburn. And tanning bed devotees, of course, are particularly susceptible to burns if they opt to tan in the nude. The best way to prevent this uncomfortable and potentially dangerous ailment is to always use SPF all over the body.

On days when sunblock wasn’t enough to prevent a manhood sunburn, here are the best ways to relieve the pain. The private area is, of course, a much more sensitive region of the body and a delicate regimen of self-care is necessary to mitigate the pain.

Sunburn or Heat Rash?

Before embarking on a pain-mitigating regimen, make sure you’re actually dealing with a sunburn. In some cases, especially when the burn has come from prolonged outdoor exposure, you may be dealing with a heat rash. A heat rash normally happens during hot and humid weather and results in blocked sweat ducts. In this case, the blocked ducts trap sweat underneath the skin, resulting in small red bumps that can become itchy and irritated.

Conversely, a sunburn will normally manifest itself as red blotches on the skin that will eventually peel, and in the most severe cases, blister.

Relieving a SunburnedManhood

The private area is delicate enough as is, and a sunburnedmanhood will be extra delicate. Here are some of the best ways to relieve the pain and speed up the healing process.

1. Opt for loose clothing: It will be essential to forgo tight, constricting underclothing and pants while dealing with a sunburn. The extra friction caused by restrictive clothing will further irritate the burn and increase chafing and peeling. Instead, choose light and airy clothing whenever possible.

2. Apply a cold compress: Using ice or a chilled washcloth on the affected area can actually help prevent further burning. Even if you’ve removed yourself from the direct sunlight, the skin can continue to burn, leaving you with an even bigger irritation than expected. Once you’ve identified that burning has occurred, immediately apply a cold compress in order to minimize the burn, as well as sooth the skin. Be sure not to directly apply ice to the skin as this may further irritate the delicate area.

3. Visit a doctor: In the most extreme of cases, a sunburn can lead to infection and more serious medical problems. If after several days your burn is still blistering, oozing or even bleeding, contact a medical professional who will be able to determine whether or not an antibiotic is necessary.

Soothing the Skin

Unfortunately, it’s not practical to sit inside with an ice pack and loose clothing for the entirety of a sunburn, which can last for days. For a man that’s still experiencing discomfort from a sunburned manhood, try a male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to relieve the painful symptoms of a sunburn while staying active in the summer. An excellent male organ health crème should include ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E and vitamin D to restore the sunburnedmanhood back to perfect health. It’s important to opt for a moisturizer specifically designed for the sensitive private area in order to not further irritate the area.
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