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Rochester Hills, MI (February 02, 2019) - Pets are like humans in terms of healthcare and medicine, they need to undergo periodic check-up, take vaccination and also require old age care. Most inevitable of all is the emergency care and searching for one in the last moment is not the wisest thing to do. Knowing vets nearby and their availability beforehand is recommended when there is a pet at home. Mobile emergency vet Rochester Hill is most preferred because it is not always easy and safe to travel with pets.

Bayne Veterinary Services is the ideal solution for all pet needs from vaccination to old age care. Started by Dr. Norman Bayne, the Rochester Hills Vet has surprisingly grown into a mobile clinic with all modern facilities and equipment with most of them available in the mobile form serving right to the pet’s home. Making the service available to the pet’s location upon appointment is a nice addition as most pets are not comfortable to travel in cars when unwell.

Bayne’s mobile veterinary clinic Rochester Hill is always a call away and available 24/7 which makes pet owners from Rochester Hills feel safe with a trusted hand ready for help. Dr. Bayne with years of experience has gained a lot of field knowledge and expertise in all aspect of pet medication and also offers nutrition consultation and old age support for pets that are about to demise.

In case of emergency, Bayne’s vet team rush straight to the pet’s location within minutes and offer dedicated services to pets and bring the situation under control before the pet needs to be moved to lab facility or clinic. The staff of Rochester Hills Animal Hospital are well educated, trained and patient to say the least. The way the staff are friendly with dogs and cats and the way they pursue them to the treatment without forcing gives a satisfactory grin to any owner.

About Bayne Veterinary Services:
Dr. Bayne is an avid pet lover and has dedicated all the years after his graduation serving pets on his 24hours mobile vet clinic for cats and dogs. He has all the advanced features and co-workers to help in the process making Bayne Veterinary Services the best Rochester Hills pet hospital.

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Contact information:
Bayne Veterinary Services
Dr. Norman Bayne
3005 Lexham Lane,
Rochester Hills, MI 48309
Tel: 248-506-1104
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Emergency Veterinarian Rochester Hills need to be reliable and on-time which is why Bayne veterinary services is the right choice for those pet owners, who are highly concerned about saving the life of their loving pet.


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