Rajat Jain Founder of ShootOrder Starts His Blog to Contribute to the Digital Marketing Community

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(October 01, 2018) - Rajat Jain is the founder of ShootOrder, a top digital marketing agency in India. He is among the best digital marketing consultant in India professionals who has recently started his blog for contributing to the digital marketing community. He has set up his blog SPEAKRJ to share his knowledge and expertise of Digital Marketing, and contribute to the industry.

An expert digital marketing professional, Rajat has started the blog to share his tips and tricks about Content Marketing, Web Analytics, Growth Hacking, Social Media, Paid Search, SEO and more, as well as his personal experiences about the digital marketing industry. Unlike the majority of other digital marketing experts in different domains of the industry, he depends on thoughts that are based on evidence and not on intuition or experience. He also relies on work processes that are supported by scientific techniques.

Rajat Jain has based his digital marketing company on a philosophy that results from a culture imbibed in the committed labor force of ShootOrder and various sister companies. Jain helps boost the digital marketing campaigns of various organizations that range from startup companies to top brands. He is also an expert at fixing the courses of proven marketing campaigns or in guiding brand campaigns that are at a nascent stage.

Jain is an expert at applying scientific digital marketing methods, and has developed various techniques and algorithms as well as ensured automation of numerous industry processes. His organization has developed various tools, such as a social media post scheduler, a social analytic tool, a link indexing tool, an email marketing automation tool and a SEO site auditor.
Other than developing different types of tools, Rajat Jain is also known for his Guerrilla Marketing expertise. He is an expert in Blitzkrieg Marketing, Price-Point Hiking and many more services, which helps in building the fortunes of brands. Through his blog, he aims to reach out to more number of people and organizations.

As a major digital marketing consultant in India with many years of expertise, Rajat has solid industry knowledge and skills that help him offer the best solutions to startup as well as establish brands. He expects that his blog will also help people who are interested in making a mark in the digital marketing domain and making a mark as professionals themselves with the skills, tips and tricks that are shared on the blog. SPEAKRJ is a powerful attempt of Jain to help countless industry professionals as well as new entrants who hope to make their presence felt as professionals in the coming years.
Rajat invites people to contact him for any enquiries associated to feedback, advertisement, events, public speaking and more.
About Rajat Jain
Rajat Jain is a top digital marketing expert in India who has set up ShootOrder, a major digital marketing agency in India. He is a Social Media Expert, Digital Marketing Consultant and Innovator.

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Twitter: @speakrj.

About author: Sumanta Dutta

Rajat Jain founder of ShootOrder, the leading digital marketing agency in India, starts his blog to contribute to the digital marketing industry.


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