Rabindra Sangeet

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Songs ahead of its time

The good composer Rabindranath had visualized something ahead of his time and way back in 1929 thought of his songs use in cinema. A lot later his dream came correct when he was no additional there inside the films created by epoch making directors like Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Nitin Bose, Tapan Sinha, Kumar Sahani, Ritwik Ghatak and Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Even foreign motion pictures made use of his songs catering to a predicament of cinematic moods.

However the greatest point where Rabindra Sangeet scores more than all other types of music is its getting been accepted because the national anthem in two countries. Though “Jana Gana Mana” occurs to be the National Anthem of India, “Amar Sonar Bangla” happens to become the National Anthem of Bangladesh.

The excellent exponents of Rabindra Sangeet

Over the years some great singers have contributed largely to the recognition of Rabindra Sangeet in and out of Bengal. The prominent names include things like Pankaj Mullick who was also referred to as the very first man of Rabindra Sangeet, Hemanta Kumar Mukhopaddhay, who had the sweetest voice, Debabrata alias George Biswas also referred to as the second man of Rabindra Sanget, Subinoy Roy, Chinmay Chattopadhaya, Sadi Mohammad, Sagar Sen, Ashoktaru Bandopaddhay and Arghya Sen. Females didn't stay far behind and have in their ranks the terrific names like Kanika Bandopadhaya, Suchitra Mitra, Rajeshwari Dutta, Gita Ghatak, Ritu Guha, Purba Dam, and Rezwana Choudhury Banya. However Shantidev Ghosh, Shailaja Ranjan Majumda, Dinendra Nath Tagore and Maya Sen are considered to become some of the greatest teachers of Rabindra Sangeet.

Overcoming the time-distance barrier

The planet of music is experiencing continual evolution and alterations. Yet regardless of the truth that Rabindra Sangeet was composed numerous decades ago when the atmosphere and taste of people today have been something various, Rabindra Sangeet has survived and continues to be one of the most lauded set of songs inside the history of Indian music. Lots of non-Bengali greats have tried their hands on Rabindra Sangeet enchanted by its charm. The terrific Indian play back singer K. L. Saigal is an instance who getting a Punjabi by origin could sing Rabindra Sangeet extremely properly. Rabindra Sangeet in reality is one particular sector of music that could surpass the time and distance barrier to attain the hearts of millions of music lovers all over the world.
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