Quick Facts About Breast Implants

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Women choose to undergo breast enlargement surgery for various reasons. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved breast implant surgery to increase breast size in women; to reconstruct the breast after breast cancer surgery or trauma; and to correct developmental defects. Breast implants are also approved to correct or improve the result of a previous breast augmentation surgery.

Breast implants are small, medical-grade sacs made of elastomer shell with a self-sealing filling valve located on either the front or back. The FDA has approved two types of breast implants for sale in the United States. These are the saline-filled (salt water solution) and silicone-gel-filled. Both types have a silicone outer shell and each implant vary in size, shell thickness and shape.

Plastic surgeons performed 280,401 breast-augmentation surgeries in 2003, according to medical resources. This made breast enlargement the second most common elective surgery and the most common type of breast surgery for that year.

Here are some quick facts a patient should know about breast implants:

- Women should know that breast implants are not lifetime devices.
- Women should review the label and research of the breast implant products.
- Women should communicate with surgeon about body statistics and medical history
- Women should learn about the long-term risks of having breast implants.
- Women should regularly monitor the condition of their breast implant.

Reports have it that various studies show that a majority of breast augmentation and reconstruction patients are satisfied with the results of their surgery. However, undergoing a breast implant surgery is not something to be taken lightly, medical experts say. A woman’s decision to undergo breast implantation should be an informed and well-evaluated decision that takes into account the procedure’s possible health risks, complications and side effects. This also holds true to other surgeries like the vaginal mesh implantation. Most patients consider it risky amidst media reports that mesh injuries have lead to lawsuits already.
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 The author of the article aims to assist women who are suffering from consumer-related injuries through information drive. This move was inspired by the increasing mesh injuries that have resulted in lawsuits against the device manufacturers.


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