Qherb Rolled out White Peony Extract as a Part of Its New Range of Offerings

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China - Renowned as a manufacturer of Chinese herb extracts, Qherb has rolled out the newest one a couple of days back called White Peony Extract . The root, which is the primary usable part of the extract is known for its analgesic, anticonvulsant and sedative properties. Realizing the immense advantages of peony in relieving gout, skin diseases, respiratory tract illnesses, PCOS, osteoarthritis and more, the company has started mass-producing the oral capsule.

The company has always excelled in the manufacture and production of several thousand raw materials almost every year. The white peony is however a new addition in their existing list. “We check to see that the production workshops are done and those should adhere to the standards of GMP and U.S. FDA. Only after that we allow it for packaging followed by sale,” said a company executive when asked about how they bring their products in the market.

Basically, Qherb is a market player solely for its understanding of the importance of fixing up stringent product quality standards. The production and management system is so efficient that even after years of inception, every ingredient or extract is launched after learning, practicing and improving on the product. The new White Peony Extract has also undergone several such tests before the enterprise has decided to give it a go-ahead.

“We pride in our dedicated and trained staff who always assure that all the products meet every criteria prior to sale. In fact, there is a certificate of analysis that we have devised and all the extracts need to pass that. At the same time, we all see what customers expect of us. So when required, we procure them the best supplies after additional testing as per their request. This is where our hallmark lies and you are bound to be satisfied with what we provide,” said the CEO of the company.

Apart from these extracts and leaves, the enterprise also deals in amino acids, chemical materials, essential oils, vitamins and botanical items. Customers can place their order after researching on the one they need and thereby get the same.
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Qherb is a leading Chinese company that specializes in production and development of herbs, extracts and ingredients.

To know more, visit http://www.qherb.net/product/white-peony-extract/

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