Professional Protection & Investigations provides with high end investigative security and services for various celebrities and common people

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Houston, Texas, (April 18, 2019): Professional Protection & Investigations is a locally owned company based in Houston, Texas. They are well known for offering a wide range of protection and security solutions for different types of clients. As a company that has been in this business for more than a decade, Professional Protection & Investigations has established themselves as industry leaders when it comes to offering executive security solutions, security consulting, VIP personal protection, private security and uniformed security services.

Anyone looking to have access to high end investigative services can also rely on the experts at Professional Protection & Investigations. The company has already handled different types of clients and their requirements with great success. Whether one is looking to hire armed security companies Houston TX or simply need a professional team for carrying out background investigations Houston TX, the team at Professional Protection & Investigations can provide the customers with efficient solutions each and every time.

The investigative team working with Professional Protection & Investigations is not only thoroughly professional but they also use the latest technological means to come up with high end security solutions for their customers. Professional Protection & Investigations is managed by 2 former police officers and they have a combined police experience exceeding more than 36 years. They make use of their industry experience to come up with high end security services for their clients. Whether it is close protection services Houston TX or executive protection Houston TX, one can easily rely on Professional Protection & Investigations for the finest expertise. They can also offer bodyguard services Houston TX, construction security Houston TX, patrol supervision, special weapons and tactics solutions or SWAT, crisis intervention and hostage negotiations.

Over the years, Professional Protection & Investigations have also offered their protection details for various dignitaries like Foreign Heads of State, President and the Vice President of United States, athletes, actors, world entertainers as well as various other celebrities. This makes Professional Protection & Investigations a comprehensive solutions expert when it comes to all types of security services.

About Professional Protection & Investigations
Professional Protection & Investigations is a highly reliable and powerful security services provider based in Texas. They have an extensive experience in serving both high profile clients and common citizens.

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Company Name: Professional Protection & Investigations
Address: 10600 Northwest Freeway,
Suite 225, Houston TX 77092
Phone: 713-290-0100
Fax: 713-290-0300


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Professional Protection & Investigations is a leading security company that offers top notch investigative and security detailing services.  


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