Practical Solutions for the Itchy Member Emergency

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When a man is suffering from an itchy member, it can seem like that’s the only thing in the world. It can distract him from conversations, keep him from completing important work, and send him out of the room in a flash to find a private place where he can scratch or some relief from the male organ itch. But a man can’t always find that privacy when he needs to deal with the awful itchy member that might plague him at the most inopportune time. Fortunately, there are a few good ways to deal with a serious male organ itch emergency, starting with good manhood care and ending with a few quick options for the scratch that simply must happen.

How to avoid the itchy member

Of course, the first line of defense against a male organ itch is to avoid it in the first place. This can be achieved through several different aspects of a good manhood care regimen.

1. Always ensure the manhood is clean. A clean manhood, one that has been met with excellent hygiene on at least a daily basis, can make an itchy member a thing of the past. A man should shower at least once a day, using a gentle cleanser on the manhood and surrounding area each time. He should take care to gently exfoliate with a soft cloth, then pat dry when he gets out of the shower.

2. Moisturize. A good moisturizer can help ensure that all that good hydration stays locked in. A guy can reach for a moisturizing cream, or he can look for a promising manhood health crème that contains lots of Shea butter and vitamin E for hydration.

3. Watch out for allergens. A man who has just changed to a new detergent, slept in the sheets of a new partner or even tried out a new cologne that he accidentally sprayed ‘down there’ might notice rashing, irritation and a male organ itch. If any of these things turn out to cause itching, it’s time to rethink the situation and figure out how to avoid whatever the problem might be.

4. Check for medical issues. Some manhood rashes and other complications can come about because of a nasty infection. A yeast infection is the most common of these issues that can leave a man with an unbearable itch. A guy might also look out for eczema, psoriasis and other conditions that might lead to dry, irritated skin.

How to alleviate the itch

If a guy has tried everything he can to ensure a manhood with no itch but then finds himself dealing with the urge to scratch anyway, there are a few surreptitious ways he can do what he needs to do without causing embarrassment for himself or anyone else.

A guy can start by getting behind something, such as a desk or chair, or even hold something in front of him, like his suit jacket or a briefcase. With his free hand, he can gently hitch up his pants, say by pulling on the belt. This can create enough movement to scratch the itch. He can also slip his hand into his pocket as if he were reaching for his phone, and scratch quickly before he pulls the phone out.

A guy can also do the quick turn-around to look at something on the desk behind him, to take a look around the corner, or to answer his phone and turn quickly away from the group as if he is trying to hear the caller better. Each of these options get him out of the line of sight just long enough for one solid scratch.

But if that’s not enough, a guy should start using a specially formulated manhood health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). As mentioned earlier, a crème that contains Shea butter and vitamin E is by far the best option, as that one-two punch of hydration can ease even the itchiest manhood problem.
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