Pharmaceutical Companies Can Get Help From Latitude Pharma For Pediatric Drug Product Formulation

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San Diego, CA (February 05, 2019) – Manufacturing drugs is not an easy thing. The pharma companies will have to engage in formulation development. It is important that they should choose the right formulation for the type of drug they wish to produce. When this is the case of developing drugs for kids, it is even more critical when it comes to pediatric drug product formulation. To help pharma companies to make things easier, Latitude Pharma offers the dependable service.

Latitude Pharma has the best experience and expertise in formulation development service. This company is very well aware of the fact that the pharma companies will have to spend a huge sum of money on formulation development. To help them cut down on their cost, the company offers the different types of formulation development services like generic drug formulation development, veterinary drug formulation development to name a few.

Further, this company also provides the 505(B)(2) Licensing Opportunity for companies engaged in the manufacture of pharma products and are looking for ways to get this license. In addition to their expertise in formulation development, the company also shares expert analysis service like Particle Size Distribution Analysis, Preformulation Drug Compound Stability Solubility to name a few.

The company has the best expertise in formulation development for challenging compounds and has helped many pharma companies to achieve the desired consistency in their medicines by providing them with the best formulation development service.

When talking about their service, the company says “LATITUDE’s focus is on the special challenges of formulation development for compounds that are highly insoluble, highly unstable, and/or have poor bioavailability. This focus has made LATITUDE a specialist with the experience and track record to tackle the toughest formulation challenges for problematic drug candidates.”

Latitude Pharma shares the best expertise in formulation, preformulation, deformulation, analytical methods and they have the list of equipment that they manufacture to help with testing of drugs like their expertise in Franz cell apparatus testing.

About Latitude Pharmaceuticals Inc.:
Latitude Pharmaceuticals Inc. holds the pride of being a leading-edge formulation development contract research organization. Right from their formation in the year 2003, the company has completed more than 800 formulation development projects for their clients.

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Pediatric Drug Product Formulation is something that should be done with the utmost care as they deal with the formulation of drugs for kids. Here, pharma companies can get the best help from Latitude Pharma.


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