Patients Can Plan for A Safer Diagnosis and Treatment with A Breast Specialist in Miami at CDI Miami

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Miami, FL (October 21, 2018) - Breast Cancer is the second most common cancer after skin cancer in America. 1 out of 8 US women is likely to be affected by breast cancer and the risks double when a first-degree relative (mom, sister, daughter) is diagnosed with breast cancer. About 80% of the breast cancer affected women have invasive breast cancer as per statistics. This is the dropped count of breast cancer after the reduced use of Hormone Replacement Therapy in the early 2000s. Breast Cancer Mammogram is the test that women around the age of 45 take up periodically to stay away from Breast cancer.

Comprehensive Breast Care Center (CBCC) is a diagnostic medical imaging center in Miami. CBCC has the best radiology services for the 3d Mammogram with the best in class analysis team and staffing. They are one of the well-known places having excellence in the early detection of breast cancer with the best diagnostic imaging service available in Florida.

Their staffs - Dr. Eric M Godreau, M.D. and Dr. Najigb Saba, M.D. are well-known experts in the field of Radiology and offer their expertise in producing the perfect 3d mammogram results. The radiologists are certified by the board of the American College of Radiology (ACR) which is an esteemed and valuable certification in the radiology department.

The CBCC that belongs to the Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) is available in three locations as of now - Aventura, North Miami Beach and South Dade where women can walk in for a test with or without doctor’s advice. The exams are tailored to meet individual requirements in one of the country’s most advanced imaging system. The analysis and results of diagnostic medical imaging are provided by the team of board-certified radiologists so that women need not consult a separate physician to know the results.

About Center For Diagnostic Imaging:

CDCC is a part of the Center for Diagnostic Imaging. They strongly recommend women to take up Routine Mammogram exams to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Center for Diagnostic Imaging, Miami recommends spreading awareness to every woman across the US about breast cancer and how it is easy to handle if diagnosed in the early stages, after all, you only have one pair, take care of them safely.

For more information, please visit

Media Contact:

Center For Diagnostic Imaging,

Comprehensive Breast Care Center

20601 East Dixie Highway, Suite 310

Aventura, FL 33180

Tel: (305) 931.1344

Fax: (305) 931.1346

About author: Sumanta Dutta

Breast diagnosis is something that has to be performed very delicately and also it requires proper medical technology to understand the diseases. Patients can visit the Centre for diagnostic imaging with the best Breast specialist in Miami.


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