PakGuard, the Best Protection against Theft for “Safe Drop” Delivered Packages

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PakGuard is a one of a kind, revolutionary bin that can be used for guarding different kinds of delivered packages from notorious porch pirates during times when the owner of the house is not at home to receive the packages from the courier personnel. With the rising trend of online shopping, plenty of people nowadays choose to buy goods of necessities from various online stores. Not only this helps to save time but the process is convenient in many other ways as well. However, this has also led to the increasing trend of porch pirates who make off with the delivered goods in case the people supposed to receive the packages are not at home when the packages arrive. Most online shopping sites have an extensive delivery system that makes sure that the packages are delivered right at the doorstep of the customers. However, many criminals intending to steal these packages tend to follow the courier personnel and target the ones that are not received by the intended customers.

In case a customer is not at home when the delivery is being carried out, the courier personnel typically performs a “safe drop”. A “safe drop” is a procedure by which the courier guy drops the package at the doorstep when no one is present to receive it but tries to hide the package on the porch behind posts or benches so that it cannot be detected by people passing by. However, the truth about a “safe drop” is that they are hardly safe at all and more often than not porch pirates track these packages and steal them as soon as the courier personnel are gone. Statistics reveal that millions of packages are stolen annually in this way and plenty of people send complaints that they never received their packages. However, such issues can now be resolved easily with the help of PakGuard.

PakGuard is an affordable and safe way to make sure that the package delivered by the courier personnel stays on the porch until the homeowners get back and is not stolen by the porch pirates. By providing additional security and safety to the packages that are delivered to one’s doorstep, PakGuard can completely revolutionize the way a person is used to shop online. Using the PakGuard is easy, and a delivery guy only needs to keep the package inside the PakGuard bin and lock the covers or shutters. Once it is locked, it cannot be opened by anyone without the help of the key. This ensures complete protection of the package placed inside against possible dangers of theft. The project is currently seeking Kickstarter funding for working on its developmental and marketing goals. It has pledged to attain a goal of US$ 24,029 which it should attain by Saturday, February 17th 2018.

About PakGuard:
PakGuard is an innovatively designed bin that is meant to protect delivered packages from being robbed by the porch pirates in case of a “safe drop” when the customers are not at home.

To learn more about PakGuard, visit

About author: Sumanta Dutta

PakGuard is a bin that aims to protect courier delivered packages against theft by porch pirates when the customers are not at home. The project is currently seeking Kickstarter funding. 



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