Our Favourite Marshmallow Shapes from Tonton Pierrot

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If you are looking to stock some sweets that can be enjoyed at any time of year and at any age, then you should look no further than the trusty marshmallow. These fluffy, sugary and squishy delights can always be relied upon to leave smiles on descriptioned faces. As a perennial family favourite, they appeal to confectioners of every persuasion, and are full of nostalgic flavours that never disappoint. Thanks to a new range from our exclusive supplier Tonton Pierrot, you can also enjoy these gooey treats in many exciting and different ways now. If you are unsure which novelty marshmallow you should pick, have a look at my personal choice of what you should keep in stock to impress your customers.

An Animal Kingdom of Sugary Delights

Tonton Pierrot, which has the perfect treats for young ones, stocks a special range of novelty marshmallow lollies and pops. All are carefully crafted to resemble a variety of species: from birds to fish to mammals, these beautifully shaped treats make for a stunning – not to mention fun – window display that will entrance young and old alike.

Muffins That Leave Smiles All Around

That is not all! Our exclusive supplier also makes marshmallow muffins that will leave your customers beaming. These gooey sensations are decorated with smiles and are guaranteed to have children grinning, making them a sure-fire winner. The confectioners at Tonton Pierrot know how to pull out the stops with their intricate designs, and provide a fantastic addition to your shop display that is sure to dazzle your customers.

Soft Hearts For Sweet Lovers

If you thought the novelty marshmallow was for kids only, then you need to think again. Our brand also has an elegant range of products to soften and sweeten the hearts of the older buyers, including fruit-flavoured marshmallows fashioned into the form of flowers and hearts. Not only do they taste divine, but their gorgeous floral designs are also perfect for a romantic date. Courtesy of these wondrous sensations, Valentine’s Day and Anniversary presents will be sorted for years to come!

Marshmallows For All Occasions

Whether your customers are looking to keep children pleasantly enraptured, or are searching for a sophisticated treat to give to a loved one, Tonton Pierrot’s stock of marshmallows is ideal for buyers of all sizes and ages, not to mention that they’re a great gift at any time of the year. From birthdays to Christmases and every other special occasion in between, you can be sure to find something to keep every confectioner satisfied. With its unique designs and choice of flavours, our exclusive supplier offers a truly spectacular and superior range of sweets, appealing to broad and diverse target groups.

Why not get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable sales team today and find out more about the delights that you should be stocking this year?
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