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Tamil Nadu, India, October 24, 2017- It is the festive season, the festival of lights, happiness and prosperity. In this auspicious occasion,, the noted online store is here with its latest offerings, the millet products, healthy treats, native popular foods offered to the South Indian people spread globally. On every purchase of Indian healthy snacks or other products, customers can enjoy flat 10% off as introductory offer.

The healthy treats that are made from pure natural ingredients sourced directly from farmers and agro businesses. The use of jaggery, wood pressed pure oil and millets in snacks in the healthiest, creative and tasty way has made this online shopping destination to soar high in popularity. The varieties of native snacks of oOorla that are creating a buzz like Tirunelveli Halwa, Tuticorin macroons, Ooty varkey etc are just disappearing in numbers. The products are made to order in order to retain their freshness before shipping globally. The most beneficial point about is that the customers of this e-store can save a lot as they vouch for charging less, at least 40% less in price from its competitors when they are ordering groceries and snacks online.

With an inventory of products that speak variety, purity, making the taste buds to dance with their taste and flavor, oOorla is just winning hearts. To spread smile and sweetness among friends and family, this top-rated e-store is offering this flat 10% as launching discount! They also have exciting deals on millets, other products and offers on a daily basis to entice the new customers and appease the existing ones. The quality of the products of this online store is just superb. The regional products of oOorla are second to none in taste, flavor and orders keep on pouring in.

oOorla is the well-known online store, also tagged as the world of millets where one can expect to satiate their fill with healthy treats. Whether one goes for healthy sweet shop-ping this festive season and order halwa, laddu, sohanpapdi, mysorpa or indulge in all natural grocery shopping or some yum-loaded healthy snacks, oOorla will not leave any-one disappointed.

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