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September 25, 2018: Every day, the number of websites offering Fake Diploma certificates is growing. These sites claim to replicate authentic certificates and assure customers of the best quality that can meet their expectations. is a review forum that helps customers check the quality of websites before buying fake diploma and certificates from them.

Unfortunately, many of these websites are operated by scammer who are only intent on conning people and make them part with their hard-earned money for fake certificates. ranks the Novelty Diplomas based on performance, quality of customer service, turnaround time and quality of the fake diploma certificate offered.

The review forum analyzes fake diploma on the basis of cost of the fake degree and overall quality. It is checked whether customers are being charged fairly and given authentic certificates that meets the promise of websites. It is evaluated whether the fake degree is offered quickly, and the forum is backed by a solid customer service to help buyers.

Customers can find out whether the overall quality of the certificates, including the signatures, seal and format are good enough. They can also understand whether the turnaround time and the customer service of the websites should be improved. considers how much time a fake diploma site takes to deliver the certificate. For people who require a fake college diploma in just 10 – 14 days or less, it is no use to buy a fake diploma from a website that takes too long to deliver the certificate. The review forum ensures that no customer witnesses his or her expenses on fake certificates go in vain.

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