Newell Tyre Truck Tire & Car Tire Manufacturer in China Functions with Quality as Their Main Motto

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China (October 28, 2017) – Quality tire is something important to ensure the smooth operation of any truck and car. Not just these two kinds of vehicles, quality tyres are important for any vehicle for that matter. To make sure that truck and car manufacturers can include the best tyres to their vehicles, Newell Tyre holds the pride of being a reputed tire manufacturer in China.

The company says “We established a strong sales network across the whole world mainly for middle east, America, Europe, Latin America and Africa”. The company has also pointed out in one of her reports that the annual exporting turnover has been growing rapidly.

The tyres manufactured by this company bring value to the vehicle that everyone can trust. The company functions with quality as their soul selling point. All the tyres manufactured by NEWELL are approved by legalized organizations like CCC, ECE, DOT, ISO, etc. With the internationally-rated production facilities and state-of-the-art technology, the company stands out.

The company follows strict quality control standards and also high-safety standards. With these standards, the company is able to gain the status of one of the best quality tyre manufacturers in China. The company aims at providing quality and competitive products through their efforts in broad experience and production capabilities.

Not just in manufacturing, the company has several years of sales experience. Due to this experience, they very well know the tyre market not just in China, but also in many foreign countries. So, they are able to provide any information that their customers look for. They do this not just for making a sale, but to make sure that the prospective customers get the suitable tyre for them.

The sales staff working for this company is a group of motivated support staff, who care for their customers and their business to ensure that they will feel the pleasure of working with NEWELL.

About NEWELL Tyre Company Limited:
The full name of this company is Weihai Newell Tyre Company Limited. The company is specialized in the production and in the exploration of quality tyres. After 10 years of their experience, the company started exporting their tyres to 100 countries. The company is highly thankful to the support from the distributors.

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