New Technology Takes Wheel and Tyre Safety to The Next Level

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If you work in the haulage industry, you’re probably very focused on safety. With technologies improving day by day, it comes as no surprise that there’s now yet another new way to make a haulier’s driving experience safer.

Wheely-Safe, a UK technology company, has launched a new Wheel Security and Tyre Pressure Management System, which promises to eliminate risks of wheel loss and brake overheating for heavy vehicles.

Helping the Haulage Industry

This specialised system is a real breakthrough in terms of health and safety. The device can warn drivers of potential braking issues and also alert them of problems that could lead to wheel loss. Without this system in place, failing to check these common issues could result in truck fires as well as other serious vehicle problems while the truck is still in motion.

The Transport Research Laboratory reported in 2006 that the typical annual statistic for the amount of wheel losses was between 150 and 400, with up to 27 of these resulting in injury or accidents. It’s clear that without our newfound technologies, haulage industry workers would be facing many more risks than they are today.

How It Works

A mechanism complete with high-quality sensors is attached onto each of the vehicle’s wheels via a specially designed bracket. The system can detect even a millimetre of movement, so it knows exactly when a wheel is starting to come loose. If this happens, a signal is transmitted to a display unit near the driver, encouraging them to pull over and inspect the problem.

Since the mechanism is placed near the tyres, braking issues can also be detected. If the vehicle overheats, an alert is sent to the driver in a similar way. Tyre pressure is also monitored of course, with special sensors replacing the traditional valve caps. This system is also able to link to the display unit for the driver, so they are also notified when pressure drops dangerously. If the pressure drops just slightly, an alert is sent back to the transport office so that mechanics know to check the vehicle on its return.

Further Advantages

Not only is this device revolutionary in terms of accident prevention in the haulage industry, it is also cost-effective and easy to install. The Managing Director of Wheely-Safe, Steve Jackson, stated that the mechanism “can be fitted in a matter of minutes” and is “designed to be extremely durable”. It seems you really can’t go wrong with the Wheel Security and Tyre Pressure Management System!

This new Wheely-Safe technology is the ideal safety tool for those in the haulage industry who are in need of a cost-effective wheel-loss solution. Having already made a significant impact, the company hopes to continue to deliver helpful solutions for hauliers around the country.
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