New Surge Protection Options From LED Light Expert Gets Phenomenal Response From Buyers

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USA, (April 02, 2019) – Power surges can cast devastating effects on all appliances and electronics that are connected to a circuit including LED light bulbs and fixtures. Therefore, not securing one’s home or commercial premises with the right surge protectors can be a very expensive mistake to make. LED Light Expert, the leading sellers of LED / DLC listed lights in this respect, has set the ball of awareness rolling by introducing a range of effective surge protector systems that have been tested for 100% assured performance.

Available in two varieties... the Inline Surge Protectors and easy install receptacle surge protectors in 10kV and 20kV, these products have already fetched phenomenal response from buyers across the length and breadth of USA and beyond. Inline surge protectors are basically surge protection systems that are installed in the circuit before light and need to be wired in. Photocell receptacle surge protectors used on LED shoebox lights are known for their installation ease. Simply install the surge protector into the photocell receptacle on the fixture and then install the photocell or bypass cap into the receptacle on the surge protector. This is plug and play surge protection for your LED parking lot lights.

Taking on surge protection for their LED lighting products shows the dedication LED Light Expert has toward ensuring a long problem-free life of their products.

Besides ease in installation and usage, the surge protection systems from LED Light Expert are further backed by extended lifespan and enhanced durability that keep them in good shape through the roughest of surges. The systems are also fortified to handle surges from the most difficult causes including lighting, transformer failures, dirty power and more.

LED Light Expert has been widely appreciated by happy clients for maintaining perfect harmony between quality of their product and pricing of the same; an endeavour that has made it very easy for buyers from all sections to approach the surge protection systems with confidence. Customer support and purchase advantages have also played a massive role in bringing buyers back for more.

About LED Light Expert:
LED Light Expert is a leading BBB A+ accredited manufacturer and seller of high quality LED lighting solutions based in USA. The company has recently launched their surge protector series with two core products that are the Inline surge protectors and Easy Install Photocell receptacle surge protectors in 10Kv and 20Kv, that has fetched massive response from buyers within the nation and beyond. LED Light Expert entertains government / federal projects as well.

More information on LED Light Expert in terms of surge protection systems, LED lighting solutions and price quotations and purchase policies is available at

Media Contact:
LED Light Expert
Mailing Address: 7337 Celata Ln; San Diego CA – 92129; US
Phone – 800 674 9420
Sales and Lighting Design Direct – 858 300 6697
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LED Light Expert has introduced the ultimate surge protection solution: inline surge protectors and easy-install photocell receptacle surge protectors in 10Kv and 20Kv. The products have been tested for excellence in performance and are currently available to global clients for ordering. Basketball Court Lights


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