New High-Tech Refuelling Bunker at ‘Fechan Truckstop

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Haulage drivers in and around Scotland are in luck, because the popular ‘fechan Truckstop has pulled it out of the bag once again, opening a new high-speed, high-tech refuelling bunker. If you’re yet to visit this spot on your rest break, you should definitely make it the next one on your list.

Where to Find It

If you’re looking for one of the best trucker stops around, the location of this place is well-known among the locals. But if you’re new to the Ecclefechan area, you’ll need to remember to stop at Junction 19 of the A74 motorway.

Once you’re parked up, you’ll find a range of great facilities readily available. With steamy showers and a great diner, along with a TV room and free Wi-Fi, you’ll leave feeling refreshed, chilled out and ready to take on the next leg of your journey. It’s definitely worth the trip, even if it’s slightly out of your way!

Teaming Up and New Beginnings

Of course, the management of the site (Eardley International) didn’t want to stop there in terms of making this truck stop one of the best. Their new partnership with independent fuel distributor Certas Energy has meant that a brand new refuelling bunker has been installed, and now the site promises to be more popular than ever.

As the UK’s leading independent distributor of lubricants and fuels, Certas Energy was the perfect choice for the partnership. Andrew Goodwin, the company’s National Bunker Manager, said “the convenient location and excellent transport links [of the site] will allow us to forge stronger relationships … and continue to expand our coverage across the UK”, so there are clearly big plans for the future.

The System Itself

The bunker truly is state-of-the-art. It has the ability to dispense multiple products (AdBlue, Road Diesel and Gas Oil) and also features some of the latest data collection, fuel monitoring and filtration technologies. The system also has the ability to refuel three HGVs at the same time – at a rate of 120 litres per minute. No hold-ups for haulage drivers here!

The owner of The ‘fechan Truckstop, Graham Eardley, stated that “the addition of a high-speed refuelling system is the final touch in transforming the site into a one-stop destination for hauliers”, which really hits the nail on the head.

This truck stop is bound to meet all the needs of visiting HGV drivers, and hopes are high that other services will follow in the footsteps of The ‘fechan and create more and more of these excellent facility stations.

Haulage drivers all over the country will no doubt be looking forward to their next visit to The ‘fechan Truckstop, which opened its new facility on May 7. The high-speed refuelling capabilities will most certainly be taken advantage of, along with all the other excellent amenities, and workers at the venue are preparing for an influx of haulage drivers.
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