Natural Marvels in Malta: Stunning Spots for Nature Lovers

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Malta is an island of breath-taking natural beauty, which along with its unique local culture makes it one of the most highly-regarded European holiday destinations. If you want to experience the beauty for yourself, here are just a few of the best spots. With these attractions in mind, you can get straight out of your Malta airport taxis and into the sun.

Dingli Cliffs

These cliffs are renowned for the incredible sunsets which can be viewed from their peaks. As the highest point in Malta, the cliffs boast unparalleled marine views and are the perfect place to have a sit down and take in the power and peacefulness of the natural world around you.

During the day, they are a fine spot for hiking, picnicking and general sightseeing, but the evening transformation into the special viewing platform is unlike anything else. The clear blue waters of the Mediterranean flash orange and red before settling into the cool navy of the night.

The Blue Grotto

Here on the other hand, is an activity best experienced early in the day. The morning light illuminates this labyrinth of grottos and sea tunnels just right. There are a range of guided boat tours of the grottos which can be booked in advance to take you round these ancient rock formations.

To glide through these tunnels is a truly peaceful and wondrous experience – the natural archways which open out onto the sea are astonishing. Remember to look down, too, as beneath the surface you’ll find a myriad of corals and seaweed.

Gnejna Bay

No matter how intricate and beautiful a rock formation is, you can never quite beat a beach, and Gnejna Bay boasts a beautiful one. Located in an area known as Għajn Tuffieħa (in which one can find three glorious beaches – the others being Golden Bay and Għajn Tuffieħa Bay), Gnejna difficult to reach, but the most rewarding to get to.

One word often springs to mind when looking out over the clear, still water and the fantastic coastal landscapes – pristine. The Bay is the epitome of the calm, relaxed atmosphere often associated with a beach holiday. You’ll be able to sit back in complete peace with the sun streaming over you and the waves gently lapping the shore. It might be best to bring snacks on any visit to this special spot, because once you get there you’ll never want to leave!

How to Get There

Simply take a Malta airport taxi straight to your accommodation after your flight Pre-booking is strongly advised to make sure you get your adventure started as quickly as possible. A Malta airport taxi is easy to arrange in advance, so don’t hesitate!

Soak up the sun, swim in the sea, lie on the cliffs and experience the wonder of Malta’s natural realm first hand.
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